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Your kids will be very impressed

Why don’t you make a surprise snack for your kids that you have all of the ingredients for?

I was going through that cool new app snap guide and I came across a guide to easy peanut butter cookies.  I looked at the ingredients and was very surprised, I had all the ingredients!  I decided to make them for my kids as a fun snack when they got home from school.  The guide was super easy to follow.   (Recipe:  Mix the ingredients from the middle picture below and cook at 350 degrees for ten minutes.  Rotate the cookies after five minutes in the oven).  Don’t forget to sprinkle sugar on top and then crease with a fork!

One step  that surprised me was putting sugar on the cookies before you make the fork indentions. 

My cookies turned out like this:

My kids loved the cookies.  I think the recipe was super easy and really good. 

Making these cookies made me think that it would be good to have a list of “staple” items that you always have on hand for baking.  I found a great list on browneyedbaker.com

The good news is that you probably have almost all of these.  If you are missing a couple, pick them up at the grocery store so when the Thanksgiving and Christmas baking seasons come around, you are ready!  Keep scrolling down after the list to see a super cool item that would be great as a gift!!!!

Baking staples: In the Refrigerator:
 Sour cream
Cream cheese

In the Pantry:
Non-stick spray
All-purpose flour
Light brown sugar
Powdered (confectioner’s) sugar
Baking powder
Baking soda
 Cocoa powder, unsweetened (a regular can of Hershey’s will work!)
Can of sweetened condensed milk
Vegetable (or canola) oil
 Peanut butter
Graham crackers
Vanilla extract
 Cream of tartar
Ground cinnamon
Ground ginger
Ground nutmeg
 Chocolate chips
Unsweetened chocolate
Shredded coconut
 Food coloring (liquid and gel paste) for coloring icing or cookies
 Sprinkles, nonpareils, and candies for decorating cookies and cupcakes

On a side note:  I LOVE this product!!!!!!!Our friend Melissa said she was bringing dessert on Saturday night for the kids.  She showed up with premade cookie dough, ice cream, and ice cream sandwich cookie cutters.  Apparently they sell these cutters at William Sonoma.  You can get them on amazon for $10.00  You can make the ice cream sandwiches out of brownies or chocolate chip cookies.  William Sonoma has lots of recipes.  You can make blondie ones too!

Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches

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