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Unbelievable Faith


Over 36 years ago, my parents lived in Grand Rapides, Michigan(where I was born).  My parents were very good friends with a couple, Beth and Ike.  When my parents were pregnant with Corrin and I, the doctor told them the entire pregnancy that they were having one child, probably a big boy.  If we were a boy, we were going to be named Dwight and called Ike (my dad loved this name).  Three days before I was born, the doctor did an ultrasound and discovered there were two babies in my mother’s stomach!  We were named Twin A (Corrin) and Twin B (me) until my mom and dad found names.  My mom watched a Soap Opera called “Soap” and really liked the name Corrine.  Poor Corrin, my parents spelled her name without the “e” and she has been called “corn” more times than you can imagine.  My parents had no idea what to name Twin B.  My mom’s good friend Beth had three sons (Sean, Mark, and Todd) and always wanted a little girl.  She told my mom that if she had a little girl, she would name her Christa.  This is where my name came from.


 I am very honored that my name came from one of the most amazing people that I know.  The reason I am writing this is because I seriously cannot think of any single person alive that I personally know that I think is as amazing as Beth. 

Why is Beth so amazing? 

Beth is so amazing because she is such a sweet and positive person.  If you go on her facebook page, you will only see positive things.  As I scrolled through it, I was in awe of the positive posts that are there.  Here are a few examples. 

Beth is a Christian with unbelievable faith. I know it is her faith in God that has helped her be able to wake up each morning.  Beth has had to endure more heartache than I can possibly imagine.  Beth has lost two of her three sons, Todd in a car accident, and Sean to pneumonia.  The fact that I can go to Beth’s Face book page and see positive inspirational quotes is a testament to what an amazing woman she is.  She is not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside.  I wish that I could be one tenth of the woman that she is.  I only hope that my faith is a strong as hers is. 

Beth has her beautiful grandchildren that she adores and her son Mark.  Today is Sunday and I am going to pray that God puts a peace in her heart and know that her two sons are smiling down on her right now. 



Thanks Beth for being such an inspiration to me and to others. 


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