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Our Favorite Things

Today’s blog is based on a few of our “favorite things”. Everything would make great gifts for the holidays.
#1. Wreck this Journal- very cool book that gives you a different tasks to complete for each page. Great gift for ages 5 and up!
#2. the Imaginary World Of:  Similar to Wreck this Journal, but more sophisticated. Great for older kids/adults, people with imaginations!

#3. Quotes/ wall paper that are peel able and easy to hang/take down.

#4. Small Push Cart. My Kids LOVE this!!!
#5. Dry Shampoo- about $10.00 Love this! It works when you don’t have time to wash your hair!
#6. This is the BEST water bottle ever! It is $10.00 and you can buy it at Kroger.  The cool thing is that it is a sturdy water bottle that you can open it mid range to add ice!

 #7. Plastic blow up snakes:  you buy these to put on your pool. Birds will not poop in your water! Brilliant!


#8. Tennis Racket Bug Zapper
#9. A million ideas!
#10. Small Igloo cooler found at CVS or Walgreens. Perfect for taking to parties!


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