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Thanksgiving Traditions


Today starts the weekend before Thanksgiving break for lots of kids.  Hopefully our kids will take this time to reflect (at some point)  reasons why we celebrate Thanksgiving.  I want my kids to take some time and do one of these crafts where they can reflect on all of the things that they should be thankful for (health, freedom, food, freedom of worship, etc). 

1. I love the idea of the Thanksgiving gratitude rolls.  Every year I think “I want to do this with my kids.”  Maybe this will be the year that we do them. 

from: http://beautyandbedlam.com/thanksgiving-food-tradition-gratitude/
the original source of One of the most special traditions ever - gratitude rolls! Don't miss blessing your family!
Gratitude Rolls – This simple tradition is a fun way for your family to express what they are grateful for during your Thanksgiving dinner.
As guests arrive have each person write a few things that they are grateful for on small sheets of parchment paper. I’ve used paper before, but if you choose to do that, then use parchment paper to protect it from the dough. I used pens, but you may purchase food Safe markers.
One of our Thanksgiving food traditions is taking a little extra time to make homemade butter horn rolls, but Store bought Crescent Rolls works perfectly without the extra work.
Remember, it’s not about having the perfect meal, it’s about celebrating life together.
Place your gratitude paper slips on the dough wedges, roll them up into the crescent shape and follow the baking directions. When the rolls are served, pass them around and enjoy savoring the moment as each guest tears into their hot roll and then shares the written gratitude statement. If you want to add a fun twist, keep the notes anonymous and have everyone try to guess who wrote what.
Lessons learned: Since my daughters did the rolling, they wrapped the dough so tightly and made them only bite size. To avoid the paper sticking to the roll,  just use parchment paper.

2. These are cute napkin rings that the kids can make for name place cards

from dollarstorecrafts.com
Kids Thanksgiving Craft: Make Fingerprint Turkey Napkin Rings

3. from: http://melikedesign.com/thanksgiving-crafts-for-kids-preschoolers-familyeducation-2014/
Thanksgiving turkey craft

4. http://thanksgivingquotespictures.com/preschool-thanksgiving-crafts-and-clip-art-for-toddlers-2014/

preschool-crafts-for-kids-thanksgiving-turkey Preschool Thanksgiving Crafts and Clip Art For Toddlers 2014

5.  from http://www.woohome.com/diy-2/top-32-easy-diy-thanksgiving-crafts-kids-can-make

Gratitude Wreath:

I love the family turkey picture.  I think that we could all do one of these and put what we are thankful for in the fingers. 

cute thanksgiving desserts
My question for you is this: Who is ready to get crafty with your kids?

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