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EASY way to preserve memories!

Are you looking for an EASY way to preserve your memories?

Boy do I have the solution for you!

BLOGS that you print out

You are saying to yourself “I don’t have time to write a blog. This is not the solution for me”

Just hear me out on this………………….

This is Paige’s baby book.  She is sixteen years old.  When she was born, I took notes and attached pictures to her baby book.  By the time William was born four years later, I didn’t have time to be as meticulous about his baby book.  I filled some of it out but life was so busy with two kids that I must admit that I wasn’t that great at recording his milestones. 

After William was born, scrapbooking was the new big thing.  I spent hours putting together scrapbooks of different events.  Here is the problem with scrapbooking…It takes too long!!!!!

Fast forward to 2012.  Corrin started to blog a few years earlier and bullied me over and over to start blogging.  I didn’t want to blog.  I didn’t have time for it.  She finally bullied me so much that I was worn down.  I signed up for a family blog on blogger.com.  My family blog is called the Adventure of the Wilsons.  Every few months, I would post pictures of the family and give a brief blurb of what was going on in our family. 

Ok, everyone listen VERY carefully.  Here is the cool thing about this blog:
I had it printed into a book.  I had three years printed into one book.  It has been especially neat because when Charlotte was born (2013), I could just write her milestones on the blog because I knew it would be printed out into a book. 
****I do this family blog for my personal family.  I realize that no one besides my family cares about reading about the details of my family or looking at a million pictures of the same people over and over.  I will have these books for myself and for my kids.  


Some of you are still not convinced.  You seriously can’t get easier than this because blogger has an app that you can download on your phone.  Every few weeks, I open the app, write a blurb about what is going on with the kids and family, upload some pictures, and then publish.  Listen to me when I say that you can’t get any easier than this. 

Let me remind you of the steps
1. Go to blogger and register a blog for yourself
2. Download the blogger app on your phone
3.  Post blogs once a month with updates and photos of what is going on in your family
4. At the end of the year, have the blog printed into a hard cover book

What company should I use to print the blog?

If you google “print blog to a book,” you will see several companies appear.  I used blog2print because I found that it was easy to follow.

I printed several years at once and my book was 315 pages long.  It ended up being around $100 to print.  This may seem like a lot to you but I believe that the prices will eventually go down in printing.  I also could have printed it with smaller pictures which would have cut down on the cost.  To me it was worth $100. 

What if this is too much work? 

Another suggestion is to print out books of your kids each year through companies such as shutterfly.com.  Brad and I try to print out books of vacations that we go on. 

This page is funny because Brad had me go to this place in Scotland where salmon were suppose to jump.  The weather was rainy and terrible.  I went along with it because I just knew he was going to ask me to marry him here.  He didn’t…lol.

How do I get my blog page to look fancy?
There are several people that you can find on etsy and on the internet that you can pay to spruce up your blog.  You have to decide if it is worth it to you or not.  Blogger has lots of pre-made templates that are also good.

My question for you is this?  Are you ready to organize your family memories?

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