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Indoor Skydiving

Today’s blog was written by our friend Amy.  She and her husband recently went on a date to an Indoor Skydiving Venue.  We love that they still go on fun dates!

From Amy

Scott and I like to do fun things, but indoor skydiving wasn’t on our list of things to do. I am not really into feeling like I’m falling & I have a slight issue with heights. I hadn’t really heard much about it…. Only had seen a friend post videos of her kids doing it. Then came Easter & my parents decided it would be fun to get us all gift cards for an Easter gift to go try it out! They had seen a video & thought we’d all enjoy it.

I purposely didn’t do any researching or video watching….I just set up our flight time and we showed up. Scott and I really didn’t know what to expect. They make you come an hour before your flight time, so we got to see the group before us doing their flights. It was fun to see what was going to go down. We also got to see the workers preform some flight tricks too. You watch a quick video which shows you how to hold your arms, what to do with your legs and some hand signals for the instructor to help guide you during your flight. They give you a flight suit, (which has handles on the back so the instructor can grab you!) goggles, a helmet & ear plugs. You suit up & go as a group into the flight “tube” room.

The instructor is with you the whole time during your flight. We had a group of 10 (they group the reservations…. So it would be a lot of fun to go as a group) & we all sat in the flight area together, outside of the “flying tube”. We each took a turn, for a 1 minute flight. When it’s your turn, you stand in the door way & basically flop into the wind tunnel. The instructor helps put you into the position the video displayed. As long as you relax, keep your legs slightly bent, chin up & arms out, the wind just lets you fly around! You don’t feel like you are falling or out of control. People who were moving their legs or straightening their legs were having problems flopping around. There were several kids in our group and the younger ones were flopping around a bunch! But once you learn the position it was easy. I was surprised at how easy it was. They do adjust the air speed based on your size. I was so worried that I was going to be flopping all over the place and forget the hand signals. Once you get in your position & can hold it, you just fly around. I’m not gonna lie, there were some people before us who were struggling & had me a little worried about my ability! On our second flight, the instructor let us a take a running start to jump into the flight tunnel. We flew around independently (with him helping as needed). I was doing well, so he tried to teach me to make turns, but that didn’t really work! The last 30 seconds of the 2nd flight (for an extra charge, $10) the instructor will grab you and bring you up high multiple times. That was definitely a cool experience. It’s like going up 3 stories. Flying without the instructor pulling you up, only gets you like 5-6 feet max off the ground. They take video and pictures during your flight that you can purchase at the end. We had a package that included a video, so we got to pick which flight we wanted our video to be. You can’t bring cellphones in the flight room, so we couldn’t video each other. You would have to get someone who isn’t flying to video you on the outside.

We really enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun & like nothing I have ever done before. It’s not crazy or scary. I thought zip lining was crazier than this! I have no idea how this compares to real skydiving, but I can tell you that I’m still not interesting in sky diving after doing this…. This seemed like it was much easier than the real deal would be. It was a fun adventure for us and I’m sure we’ll be back with Emerson when she gets older or if a big group of our friends want to go together.

Our question for you, would you be up for this type of adventure?

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