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Jumping On The Bandwagon: Week 8 Update

We are 43 days away from our final weigh in!!!! 
8 of us want to lose a combined 169 pounds.  So far we have 2 Standouts that I want to recognize.  Everyone is working really hard, but 2 of our members are going above and beyond the rest of us.  Alyssa and Tracy have done SO WELL!!! They have been hitting it so hard.  Congrats ladies!
How did we do as a group????
We Rocked It This Week!!!
We lost a combined 8 pounds this week!!!! Total our group has lost a combined 39.1 POUNDS!!!
A few of us didn’t do as well as we should have this week (myself included) but we know that it could have been WAY WORSE if we have not built up these exercise habits.  I know personally I only worked out 4 out of the last 7 days (usually I work out 6-7 times a week).  I didn’t eat 100% clean and know that before working out on a consistent basis, the food would have hurt me a lot more!
Lessons Learned
Jumping on the Bandwagon
Several of our friends are not in the 8 person weight loss challenge, but they have hooked up with us on Fitbit and have joined our challenges.  These are people who are taking more steps and exercising more because of the group peer pressure aspect.  Our friend Anna’s sister-in-law was on a business trip in New York City and saw one of us with a ton of steps.  She got excited about the challenge and found ways to get more steps. 
Regular exercise means less yo yo’ing
We are building muscle so we are not seeing 3 pounds up one day, 3 pounds down the next.  We are staying pretty consistent and if we really work hard one week, it will show with a loss of a few pounds, that actually stay off. 
Every day is a new day
It is not too late to start being healthy.  Our friend can’t exercise hardcore because of foot surgery, but she has joined our challenge Facebook page with the goal that she is not going to gain weight each week. If you do awful the previous day, move forward and do better the next day.  
Change it Up
Don’t do the elliptical every day.  Change up your exercise habits.  Make sure to try and do some types of weight lifting.  You will burn more fat. 
Finding New Tools 
A few of our members have started using mandolins to prepare their food.  They love using it to slice healthy vegetables. 
Healthy Lifestyle Blogs
If you are looking for resources, check out a few of these blogs.  I found them from a list of The 18 Best Weight Loss Blogs of 2015.







Our question for you, who is ready to get a fit bit and be our friends?


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