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Lake house Redo on a budget


Our friend Melissa has a lake house on Lake McQueeney (a lake outside of San Antonio.)  She asked Corrin and I if we could help her spruce it up a little “on a budget.” When she and her husband bought it, they inherited all of the furniture in it.  Some of the furniture is great and other pieces are a little dated.

We packed up  the kids and headed to the lake.  Corrin would watch the four little ones and I would go shopping with Melissa.  We showed up and did a quick inventory of the house.  We decided that we needed to replace two sitting chairs, change two shower curtains, buy towels, new couch covers for the “Christmas Tree Couches”, new pillows for the main living room couch, and lots of pictures and wall hangings to update the place.  

Melissa and I shopped at two places:  Garden Ridge (now called At Home) and Target

Melissa spent about $1100 at At Home (she bought a recliner, another sitting chair, and a TON of wall pictures/accessories.

She spent about $600 at Target and got the rest of the things we needed (towels, couch covers, decorations, etc.  Here are some pictures of the before and after.

Living Room Before:  Melissa hated the chair on the side of the couch and the western looking throw pillows.  We stopped at Goodwill and donated the sitting chair and throw pillows.


Living Room After:  
We updated the living room by placing a huge painting and two metal art pieces on the wall.  We changed out some of the throw pillows on the couch.  We added few cute nautical theme items on the tray from Target and finished the room with the new leather recliner (that was only $175!)

Kids TV room area before: 
I was most excited about this area.  There are two couches that Melissa calls the Christmas Tree couches (because they are red and green).  She bought two tan colored couch covers and throw pillows.  The cool factor in this room is the neat Whale Shelf over the couch.  Melissa is going to buy a navy blue rug to finish off the space.  

Kids TV room area after
The pictures make the couch covers look pink but they are really tan.  The two side throw pillows are a green sea foam color.  A navy blue rug will look amazing in this room.


Melissa is going to add wire play baskets on the floor under the three mirrors.


Yellow Bedroom Before

This bedroom is great.  Melissa did a great job purchasing cute yellow bedding at Target.  We just finished it off with a few pictures over the bed and a new mirror over the dresser.


Yellow Bedroom After

The two pictures above the bed were from At Home


Blue Wall Paper Bathroom Before:

Melissa does not have the time right now to mess with the wallpaper so she is keeping it for now.  We knew that we needed to change out the shower curtain and get some white towels.


Blue Wall Paper Bathroom After:

Master Bathroom Before:
There is more wallpaper in the Master Bathroom.  We decided that she needed to just change out the shower curtain and towels to match the wallpaper.  We ended up going for a blue and coral theme.

Awesome wallpaper


Master Bathroom After


Master Bedroom Before:

The only think Melissa wanted to change with the Master Bedroom was the picture above her bed and a pink chair on the side (that she donated to the Goodwill).


lovely pink chair…lol


Master Bathroom After

The collection of stuff above the bed is not finished.  She is going to add two more pieces to it.


The new chair and pillow came from At Home.


Kids Bunk Room Before:

The kids bunk room is awesome.  There is a bunk bed on the other side of the room.  Melissa got the coral bedding from Marshalls.  She just bought a painting for the wall and a small blue side table for the left bed.


Kids Bunk Room After:


Wonderful backyard view

Overall, I think that we were able to do a lot of stuff on a shoestring budget.  Melissa has a few things to do but overall the day of decorating made a big difference in updating the place.  Melissa already has a great eye for decor so that made things a lot easier!   Melissa thinks the living room is the biggest change.  I think the Christmas Tree couch room is.  
My question for you is this:  What tips do you have for us?

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