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Living in the Land of Endless Vodka and Bedazzled Eggs


Today’s blog is a guest Post from our sweet friend Jen.  Jen is the mother to a little girl named Madelyn and a wife to Jared. Jen was a school teacher and counselor before she became a stay at home mom.  Jen is from Michigan and landed in Houston after her husband was transferred to Texas.   We told Jen we would love for her to guest blog about her family’s passion (sailing) and her adventures living overseas.  Today’s blog was written by Jen while she lived in Russia.  Here is a link to Jen’s blog!

Here is a random list of things I miss about home: (written October 20, 2010)
1. a washer and dryer that takes less than 5 hours
2. a washer and dryer that holds more than 4 shirts
3. Target…I LOVE that store.
4. Mexican food
5. a backyard (aka Morgan’s poop area) attached to my house
6. getting mail
7. a garbage disposal
8. drinking water from the tap/ not having to pay for water at restaurants
9. free re-fills on drinks
10. ice
11. being able to listen to other people’s conversations
12. working (I never though I would say this)
13. regular music (they play house music EVERYWHERE- even at breakfast time)
14. all my wonderful holiday decorations that are currently in storage
15. scrapbook supply stores
16. our boat
17. the lack of snow in Houston
18. giving Morgan a bath outside
19. Halloween celebrations
20. girls that don’t dress like strippers when going out to get a beer

Things I do NOT miss:

1. humidity in Houston
2. politics/FOX news
3. driving

Our question for you, given the chance to live abroad, where would you go?

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