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Silent Drowning…It Happened To My Family….Unfortunately It Could Happen To Yours!

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Five years ago my daughter almost died from a silent drowning.  I thank God everyday that things turned out for our family, but unfortunately for countless others, this is not always the case. 
I have spoken openly every year around this time about what happened to Isabella so that people will be reminded of the dangers of small children and water.
It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and we were at Christa and Brad’s house for a crawfish boil.  Isabella was 2 1/2 and Sophia was around 3 months old.  Isabella kept asking to go swimming with her cousins, but I told her no because I didn’t want to get in the pool.  All day long Isabella (mature for her age) played with her cousins inside and outside in the playhouse.  Sophia was inside sleeping, Dave was around the crawfish pot with the other men, and I was sitting with other adults two feet from the pool at a table.  189664_10150213751972837_5060635_n
 All of a sudden I saw Christa’s father-in-law Tim calmly walk towards the pool.  I then looked in the pool and saw Isabella floating on her back at the top of the pool.  I will never forgot the image, she looked like a sweet little angel floating in her flowered dress.  199030_10150213752512837_7287580_n
 Tim quickly grabbed her out of the water.  She was alive, but something clearly traumatic happened. She was as white as a ghost and almost immediately started vomiting.  We don’t know exactly how long she was in the water, but are guessing it was about 30 seconds (which if you think about it, is a VERY LONG TIME). 
I have no idea how she ended up floating on her back because she did not know how to swim.  I know that we were so lucky that she did not die.190764_10150213752332837_3385552_n
 Tim later said that he was around the crawfish pot with the other guys when all of a sudden he got this overwhelming feeling that he needed to go to the pool.  I am a firm believer that God sent him this message so that Isabella could be saved. 
Isabella was very lartagic for the rest of the day and we kept a close eye on her because we started reading the dangers of small children taking in too much water. Thankfully the next day she was back to her normal self. 
Here is what we all learned that day (and were reminded of):
  • Most people think drowning looks like what is portrayed in the movies, kids who fall in the pool and are shrieking and splashing around.  In fact, most cases are silent drownings, when a child falls into water and you do not hear one thing.  
  • It is common for children to drown even when there are a ton of adults nearby.  This was the case in our situation.  There were 8-10 adults sitting right next to the pool eating crawfish and not one of us heard or saw a thing.  
  • Drowning is not related to a socioeconomic or education level.  This preventable tragedy can happen to anyone. d4d54-fenceWhat can you do to prevent this from happening to your friends and family?
  • Share this blog so that everyone can be reminded of the importance of being diligent with kids and water.
  • Do not assume your kids are one place (playing with cousins) when there is a pool.  Take turns with your spouse watching the little ones who can not swim.
  • If you have a pool, make sure to have safety features: fence, net, alarm, lock on the door.
  • Enroll your kids in swim lessons.  Finley and Charlotte (2 1/2 year old) are on their second summer of survival swim lessons. isabella

I am so grateful to Tim, Isabella’s guardian angel.  Today Isabella is a 7 1/2 year old second grader who is kind, smart, loving, and just a generally wonderful person. 

Our question for you, who is ready to save lives by remising people that most drownings are silent and can not be heard?

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