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The Ultimate Brownie Throw down!

Brownies….you know you shouldn’t, but you just can’t help yourself.  You have had a stressful day and decide to pop into the grocery store to pick up dinner.  You are tired and hungry…and then you happen upon the baking aisle.  The little voice in your head says, “proceed to the healthy route”, but the other voice says, “come on, you know you want a brownie…you deserve it.” 

You decide to pick up a box for your kids because they have only fought 6 out of the 7 days of the week and that has to be worth something.
Decisions, decisions…which brownie mix do you choose?  In Christa’s case you choose 4.  Why 4 boxes of brownies?  Why not? She has 5 kids.  She has lost 18 pounds in the last year.  It could be a million different reasons. In this case, she bought 4 boxes probably because she wanted something fun to blog about.
We learned so much at our blogging conference and we are trying to put it to use.  It must be the “former teachers” in us.
Christa purchased 4 Boxes of Brownies and decided to do an experiment and see which one tasted the best.  She chose 4 name brand ones that lots of people know. Her husband Brad pointed out that she should have chosen a generic brand! The next time we do this, we promise to buy generic! We knew better!
On a side note. Do you know what type of competition brownie mixes represent?  In economics it is referred to as an oligopoly.  A product that is produced by a small number of companies (think potato chips, cokes, shoes). In this case, Duncan Hines, Betty Crocker, and Pillsbury are a few producers who manufacture most of the products found on the baking aisle. 
(What do you think about poor little Finley Katherine!) Too Cute!

Back to the brownies.  Christa baked all 4 boxes and then enlisted the help of her kids and neighbors to vote.  Which name brand brownie mixes tasted the best?

Drum roll!!!
We teased people on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (trying to implement conference stuff!) and asked people what they thought would taste the best. The majority of people said Betty Crocker or Ghirardelli. 


So, which of the four was the best?


Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines! Who would have guessed! Actually, probably the Skelly Twins since we tend to buy generic.

In conclusion, there are so many variables to this type of experiment.  If you bake brownies one minute too long it could change everything!  However, don’t forget about the trusted brownie brands that we have used for years!  Fancy names and products down’t always mean a better product. 


***On a sidenote, one thing we learned from our conference was a cool app that we used to edit our pictures.  The app is called A Beautiful Mess and it was created by 2 sisters who have an awesome blog.  We heard them speak and were very impressed. The app costs 99 cents and we feel is well worth it! We are trying to do better with our pictures and format.  We are in the mist of our blogger to wordpress transition and can’t wait to unveil the new site!

My question for you (coming from Corrin), who is ready to kill Christa for posting about brownies….We are all trying to get swimsuit ready!!!


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