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We Want To Pump It Up! Week 7 Update

We are 50 short days away from finishing our weight loss challenge.  A group of 8 of us want to lose a combined 169 pounds.
How did we do?
GREAT!!! We lost a combined 5.1 pounds this week and have lost a total of 33.2 pounds.  That is a lot of fat dropping from our bodies!
Lessons learned from this week
We are still not EXCITED about how slow the scale moves, but see a difference in our clothes. We feel less jiggly. 
Body Pump Will Get You Skinny
Christa and I took a Body Pump class Saturday morning.  We did lots of lunges and squats.  We worked out muscles in every part of our body.  Sunday we paid for it….We were hurting from head to toe and it was just too painful to walk.  Monday was still bad, but not as much.  We could FEEL our muscles burning calories days after that class.  We will definitely go back!
Peer Pressure Still Works
When one of us has a bad day, the rest of the group will pick us up with positive quotes, words, and advice.
Overall we are so happy and proud of ourselves.  We love the fitbit challenges and are working harder than we normally would be working.

Our question for you, who is ready to work out and get ready for summer?

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