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Why You Got To Be So Mean PART II

This post was inspired by the recent event that happened involving an ESPN reporter named Britt McHenry.  For those who have no idea who I am talking about, I will give you a brief summary.
Britt McHenry is a reporter for ESPN who happens to be very beautiful.  She went out to dinner a few weeks ago and her car was towed.  When she went to retrieve her car from the towing place, she was very very very MEAN to the woman who worked for the towing company who released the cars once a person had paid the charges. 
Miss McHenry was VERY angry about her car being towed and decided to take her frustrations out on the parking lot attendant.  The problem is, though, was that Miss McHenry was VERY mean to this woman.  She degraded her several times.  Miss McHenry made sure to tell the parking lot attendant that “she was on TV and could sue this place.”  Miss McHenry’s frustrations’ turned into attacks on the parking lot attendant.  She attacked the attendant’s education by saying “So I could be a college drop out and do the same thing?” She said that she couldn’t believe that someone would work in this trailer.   At the end of her mean girl rant, she told the attendant that she needed to lose weight.
The towing company released the video of Britt McHenry to the press and the entire world could see Britt McHenry’s mean girl behavior. 
This made me start to think.  How many times did Britt McHenry treat others like this and was not caught?  The interesting part of the story is that many people are angry and demanding that ESPN fire Britt McHenry.  ESPN suspended her for a week and she apologized for her bad behavior.
Is that enough?
Someone in the media said that people are very angry about this and aren’t “letting it go” because most of us can relate to this (not being the mean person part…..but being the victim). 
We all know someone who is like this, that person (male or female) who pretends that they are a nice person when they need to, but then they will be horrible to you.  You can’t relate because you are not a mean spirited person so this type of behavior disgusts you.  You are disgusted when this mean spirited person pretends that they are actually a nice person and even fools some people.  You want people to see that this person is indeed a phony.  They are not nice and treat some people really well and others they are just downright horrible to. 
There is some satisfaction when these mean spirited people are found out.  How many people did Britt McHenry treat like garbage?  Do you think they are smiling a little bit more when they saw her tape and the consequences?
As a Christian, I cannot wish ill will on any person, even the person who is really mean to me.  I don’t wish that bad things happen to them because of their behavior.  The thing I wish most is that people who are mean spirited get mental help.  It is not natural to be a mean spirited person.  I feel sorry for people who have to hurt others to make themselves feel better about themselves.  This has to be a mental illness. 
I am very thankful that the people who I love the most and are my family and friends are not mean spirited people.  Life is too short.  If you see someone being mean spirited, don’t laugh with them.  Look them in the eye and say “That is not ok and is not nice.”  Too many times people don’t want to call these mean spirited people, or bullies, out for their mean behavior. I have found in life that sometimes you have to tell people “That is not ok.”
None of us are better than any other human being on earth.  Just because I was lucky enough to be born in the USA and into a good family, this does not make me better than the homeless person on the street hustling for money.  I am just luckier than that person.  There are lots of things that I have no control over.  I cannot control my IQ and to some point, my looks.  Some people are blessed to be born very smart while others struggle.  Some people are blessed with good looks while others are not as blessed.  If you are blessed to be born with a high IQ and very good looks, it is disgusting if you are mean to another person that may have not been dealt the same cards.  It does make you a bully when you prey on the weak. 
I think that Miss McHenry is learning a very hard lesson.  I am sad that her arrogance finally caught up with her.  I don’t wish a bad life for her.  I wish that she not only eats her humble pie but digests it.  I want her to truly get that one of the most important things in life is treating other people nicely. 
My question for you is this:  Do you think ESPN should fire Britt McHenry or give her another chance?

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