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A Cockroach named Karma

Today’s blog post is all about karma.  Dave and I are always trying to find a Netflix series to watch together and it is hard because we have different tastes.  We are so desperate that we have recently started watching My Name is Earl. It is pretty funny and is all about karma.
When I think about a funny karma story, I think about my awesome husband, Dave.  He can be cheap at times, and this was especially true when we first got married.  In his defense, he was in graduate school full time and we were living off of my teacher salary. 
We live in Texas and everyone knows that one thing you should not cut back on is having an exterminator.  I kept complaining that we needed someone to come spray our house because we had ants and cockroaches, lots of them!  One evening we got into the same argument and it ended the way it always ended with Dave saying we didn’t need to pay someone to spray our house.
Fast forward to the next morning when I was getting ready for work and Dave was sleeping.  I looked at him and noticed that there was something wrong with his face.  I looked closer and could not believe what I was seeing.  Karma, in the form of the biggest cockroach was sitting right on my sweet husband’s face! I freaked out and woke him up to let him know what was going on.   Guess who called and had an exterminator at our house later on in the day!

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Everyone can relate to karma in their life.  We have all seen people driving like maniacs and hoped that a cop was somewhere in the vicinity.  Maybe one is, maybe not. Ultimately these “crazy drivers” will get caught.  Maybe not today, or maybe not even tomorrow, but they will get theirs.  You can’t live your life acting one way and never having consequences.
I’m a huge believer in karma and what goes around comes around.  My favorite saying came from my grandmother Dollie, “If you spit up in heaven it will come back and hit you in the face”.  I am far from perfect and have been guilty of spitting up and it coming back to hit me in the face.  I feel that as long as we learn from our mistakes and strive to be the best people we can, then we will be ok.  If you continue to hurt others (friends, family, children, community members) your karma will come back one day.  You may have won a small battle, but ultimately you will not win the war.  God knows all.  
Back to a lighter note….We are still watching My Name is Earl, but I have started watching 2 new shows that are really funny.  Fresh Off the Boat and Blackish are HILARIOUS!!! If you haven’t watched an episode on ABC, you should check it out.
My question for you, do you have a story about someone receiving their karma that you want to share?

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