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Drink You Must Have At Your Next Gathering!


Friday my husband, Charlotte, Will, and I headed over to a block party in our neighborhood. 

Sidenote: Stop complaining about your neighborhood not being social and do something about it. The group of girls who organized this particular block party took the following steps:

1. Set a time, date, and location.

2. Send out an Evite telling people to bring an appetizer or dessert and drinks for themselves and the kids.  My friend Veronique (guest blogger) set up tables in front of her house and everyone showed up with stuff.

3. You will never have a date that will work with everyone so you need to decide on a date and just do it.

Back to the block party.  I met two sweet girls who are very close friends, Christie and Heather.  They ended up moving to houses that are located close to each other.  One moved to Towne Lake first and told the other, “I found a house for you!”


Heather and Christie brought a drink that tasted sooooo good.  Everyone who tried the drink raved how great it tasted!  For your next social gathering, make this drink and your guests will be very impressed with your hosting abilities. 



1 can limeade (use the empty can to measure the other ingredients)

Fill the can with orange juice

Fill the can with tequila (you can fill it 3/4 to make less potent)

2 Corona Light beers (or any light beer)

Mix together and enjoy!


So, here you have the perfect summer block party drink.  For all of you who are tired of waving at your neighbors and then pulling into your driveway and clicking the garage door down, it is not too late.  Select a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday date and make quick flyers (or an Evite) and let your neighbors know that you want to get together.  

Our question for everyone, what tips do you have to make your street “the cool cats” of the neighborhood? 

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