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Easy Tips for Hosting Guests


Summer is right around the corner which means that many of you will probably be hosting guests in your home at some point. I was inspired to write this post after I spent almost a full day hanging out at my townhouse that I am getting ready to sell (I am selling it because the HOA keeps drastically increasing the monthly HOA fees). I currently lease it to a young couple in their mid twenties. Brad has met the couple several times when he has gone over there to fix things, but I had never met them. After spending the entire day at their place (while a handyman was changing things out), I learned a lot about them.


As I began looking around their place, I noticed a lot of very “unique” touches they had that made their home very cozy, even though they were renting. In one of the bedrooms, there was a cute picture frame with their wi-fi password for their guests. This made me realize that our guests always request our wi-fi password when they stay overnight. This wi-fi picture frame is a cute and easy touch when hosting guests. This made me think about other things that I should do when I have guests.

There are two sets of couples that we stay with that feel get an A plus for hosting guests. When I visit my sister-in-law, Bethany, in Dallas, I feel that she has thought of every detail. She spends days getting ready for us (her house is perfectly clean) and the bathroom is stocked with everything you could possible need.


If you dream of your house being organized in a way where it is just beautiful, you would want to see our friend’s Kristen and Tom’s house in Dallas. Kristen works in the corporate office for the Container Store. Kristen and Tom love to entertain so when we go to visit them, the attention to detail is amazing. It makes me think, “when I have guests, I am going to do this.” Of course, by the time we have guests spending the night, I usually am so busy doing other things, I do not end up doing the things I dream about doing.


Here is a quick list of things that I plan on doing for my next houseguest. Some of these things I already do.

1.  Have the wi-fi password provided in a cute frame


2. Provide a few water bottles, in the room where your guests will be staying. If you are feeling like a real overachiever, add some chocolate to go with the water bottles. I have never done this but every time we are at a hotel where it is free, I appreciate having these water bottles!


3. Provide washcloths and towels in the bedroom. Sometimes people get confused as to what towels they use. Are there decorative towels? If you want to make sure your guests are not like my family members who use the decorative towels with ribbons around them (my dad is the WORST), put them in their bedroom.

4. Have a toiletry basket with extra toiletries that your guests may have forgotten. The dollar store is the perfect place to stock up on these.


5. Make sure you have body wash in the shower for your guests instead of bar soap. Bar soap should only be in your shower for your personal use.


6. Make sure you provide information for your guests as to how to adjust the thermostat if needed. My upstairs tends to get a lot warmer than my downstairs. I tell my guests to make sure they turn the temperature down if they get too hot .

These small gestures for your guest will make a lasting impact on them and they will remember your hospitality.

What special things do you do for your guests that you can share with us?

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