IMG_5479Admit it…you like to craft.  Maybe you aren’t good at it, but everyone (or most people, men included) enjoy creating something fun and useful.  Men and women who use power tools are in essence crafting.  I know my husband enjoys getting his craft on (although he would never admit this to his friends)! 

IMG_5411Today’s blog was inspired by several people/events.  First, Christa and I had so much fun making crafts at our blogging conference.  One of our goals was to use some of the products/techniques we learned about at SNAP in our blog posts. 

IMG_5481Second, while we were there we met a very “cool” lifestyle blogger/author named Rachel Hollis.  Rachel has a BIG TIME blog and she and her employees create lots of interesting blog posts.  One of her recent posts talked about making a cute sign to put on your front door when you have guests coming over and you are in the back.  Here is a link to her website: The Chic Site (check it out, it is pretty awesome) and the link to her sign project. You might also remember her from the bikini picture she posted on her Instagram that went viral. IMG_5482Third, we met a very sweet girl at the Elmer’s Glue table at the conference who used glue to make all kinds of cute decorative items.  We decided to incorporate glue into our craft.

Finally, we like to get together with our freezer meal girls periodically to talk about next month’s menu and this provided a way for us to chat freezer meals and to also create a fun craft to take home!

IMG_5468Christa kindly offered to host the freezer meal ladies at her house and provide a nice lunch, along with the craft supplies.  Most of our kids were in Mother’s Day Out, so this was a perfect time.


IMG 5471

Sign Supplies

light weight small wooden boards


Paint Brushes

Paint Pens


Glue gun/sticks

Drill (optional)

Elmer’s Glue (optional)

Blow dryer

Step 1:  Pick out your board and decide whether your sign will be vertical or horizontal. If you are going to drill holes for the ribbon, do that now.

IMG_5465Step 2:  Paint your board. Once it is dry you can paint on Elmer’s glue if you want a textured look. You do not have to use glue. If you choose to use the glue, let it dry and then paint another coat of paint.

IMG_5483Step 3:  Paint decorations/saying

*** This was probably one of the most fun parts of the afternoon.  Listening to 9 women trying to figure out what was the best wording to let people know to either come inside or that you are in the backyard was hilarious!! 

IMG_5467****** Most of us wrote different sayings on each side so that the sign could be multi purposeful. 


Some of our sayings:

We are in the back

Come on in!

Please come in

We’re out back

No Soliciting 

IMG_5408Step 4:  Thread the ribbon through the holes

IMG_5469Step 5:  Hang the signs up when they are needed.  Our friend Tracy used hers a few hours later when swim lessons were being held in her backyard. 

IMG_5477All in all we had such a fun morning!  We talked, laughed, crafted, and left home with a neat item that we probably would not make on our own but will use for many years to come!

IMG_5412Our question for you, who is ready to organize a fun craft for your friends or family and what are you going to make?

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