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Going Down Memory Lane and Getting Your House Ready to Sell

IMG_5616I’m getting very sentimental about putting my townhouse on the market this week.

This was my first property to ever own. When I was married to my ex husband, we always rented because his company moved us a lot. When we moved to Houston and separated, Corrin told me “You can’t move to the suburbs. You have to move inside the loop where it will be easier to date. Only families live in the suburbs.”

I was back in the dating world and wanted to meet my Prince Charming, so I moved to the city.


I rented a townhouse and loved it. After a year of renting, I decided I wanted to buy a place of my own so I started to look. I was scared of buying a house with a yard (because of the maintenance) and decided to buy a townhouse. I loved the area where I was renting but couldn’t afford to buy there so I ended up with a townhouse in the western part of Houston, five miles from Galleria.

Buying my townhouse was an important event of my life because it was my first house to own and I bought it all by myself!!!!!

I loved living in my townhouse. It is very quaint and is in a great location. I have great memories of Will and Paige there. One day, Paige looked out her window and saw two men stealing the community bbq grill that was in the common area in front of our house. I called the police to report it and the Houston PD basically told me that they weren’t sending a cop out for a grill. I was shocked but I guess they have too many other crimes to deal with.

I have great memories of me dating Brad. Every Wednesday, Brad would come over and cook me dinner there. We would end up on my deck drinking wine and just talking. I usually ended up crying at the end of the night if we would start talking about life and our divorces. I would text Brad the next day saying “I’m so sorry I cried..again”.

This weekly Wednesday date night started our tradition of trying to have a date night with each other at least once a week. Almost eight years later, we are still good about going on our weekly date.

When we got married, Brad signed up to be the handyman as we rented it out. I can’t tell you how many times Brad stopped by there before or after work to fix something.

We are finally selling it because the monthly community fees keep drastically going up. As we work to get it ready to sell, I just think about all of these great memories I have in this place.

Getting it ready to sell

In order to sell it, I hired a handyman to do several small projects.


1. The front door: The front door is your first impression of the place. I had the door stripped and repainted. I also bought a new floor mat.


2. Lighting: Because my townhouse was built on the 60’s, the lighting is not great. I had an electrician add more track lighting in the living room. This added a lot of extra light and was very inexpensive. He also added new ceiling fans with lights in all of the bedrooms.


3. Staging: The way a place makes you feel is very important. I bought air freshers so that the townhouse smells really good. I went to Target and spent about $700 on items for the house.

Things I added:

1. Six curtain panels to update the living room and dining room


2. Two Adirondack chairs, a rug, and two throw pillows to the deck to create a feeling of wanting to hang out on the deck


3. Downstairs half bath: picture for the wall and a nice hand towel


4. Upstairs bathrooms: decorative towels, shower curtains, and accessories for the countertops


You may not want to spend money staging your house but I think the benefits outweigh the costs. You may end up selling it quicker and for a higher price because of your staging accessories.

My question for you is this: What staging tips do you have?

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