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Guilt and Your Kids

IMG_4384Everyone knows that in order to be a good parent you have to take time for yourself every once in a while.  We spend the entire year in car pick up lines, driving to soccer, dance, girl scouts, dentist appointments, doctors appointment, birthday parties, and the list goes on.  

For this reason we decided that we were going to plan a quick girls getaway with a couple of our girl friends to recharge. The trip was two fold.  The first half of the fun was planning the trip and then talking about it. For months and months when one of our kids pooped in the tub or another got in trouble at school, we would just take a calm breath and fantasize about our upcoming beach trip.



Before we left on the trip we were feeling a little guilty with leaving our sweet husbands, in-laws, and kids to fend for themselves while we were sipping pina coladas on the beach. We decided to turn this guilt into something fun.  We went to Target and bought a few little surprises for each day that we were gone. 





This was something easy to do and you can spend as little or as much as you would like (in our case, the cheaper the better!).

We picked out themes for each day and then came home and put them in cute bags.


We then left notes for them to open each day. 

So far, we are happy to report that all of our kids are missing us, but are thrilled about the surprises!

Our question for you, what do you do when you have to leave the kids for a few days?

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    Karen Scheel
    May 29, 2015 at 2:45 pm

    When I travel on business, I always leave a little note for my kids each day that I am away. It is usually a picture off the internet of something of interest (a Pokemon character, a cupcake, a cute puppy) along with one sentence, like “Miss you lots” or “see you tonight”. I used to ask my husband to put it in their lunch bag, but now they buy lunch so I think he just gives it to them each morning. My kids love these–it is super easy and they remind me to make them before I go. I think the pictures I choose are more important than the words as they love to see what I chose for them.

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