nanaFace it, it is hard to come up new and innovative ideas for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, etc……

jenMy friend Jen is a big traveler and has lived all over the world with her husband, Jared.  Jen has taken the different places that are significant to she and her husband and created wall art.  She has taken maps of the various places and framed them.

another exampleWhen I was fixing up my townhouse and getting it ready to sell, I noticed my super cool tenants had done the same thing.  

Fast forward to one of my oldest friends, Nana.  She was looking for an interesting gift for her husband and decided to do the same thing.  She and her husband have lived several different places (Texas and Germany being recent).  

mapIf you are looking for an easy and unique gift, frame maps from places that are special for you and your significant other and hang them.


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