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Funny Story About 2 Twins Who Blog

TheSkellyTwins-IMG_5626-300x300Once upon a time there were two twin girls who decided to start a blog.  They loved coming up with new blog topics and posts because it gave them purpose.  They both were grateful to be stay at home moms and to have escaped the teaching trenches that seem to get more difficult every year. 

One twin decided that they needed some inspiration on how to make their blog better.  She found a blogging conference in Salt Lake City that seemed like a lot of fun.  They convinced their sweet husbands that they just had to go to this conference.  

Here is a sample of the conversation:

Twins to husbands “We want to go to a blogging conference”.

Husbands, “Huh. What is that?”

Twins, “We want to learn how to make our blog better”.

Husbands “Why, it is a hobby”.

Twins, “This is our full time job”.

Husbands “It’s not your job, you don’t make any money.  If fact, you seem to spend money on this hobby”.

Twins “It’s not a hobby, but a job”.

Husbands, “Whatever”.

The next thing you know they were at the airport and on their way to a few day adventure.  The timing could have not been more perfect because one of the twins had things going on that warranted a mini-vacation. 


They showed up at the conference and immediately met SO many wonderful ladies. They quickly realized that their blog was so “small town” and everyone else’s blog was “big city”.  They decided to enjoy the conference, learn new tricks, and then go home and make their blog better. 

Some of the great bloggers we met that you should check out!

Just Us Four

Sugar Bee Crafts

One Krieger Chick

Feto Soap 

The Chic Site


After a few days they went home tired, but determined to “fix” their blog.  And then nothing.  They were used to blogging every day and then they just stopped.  One day turned into two days turned into two weeks.  During most of this time they were trying to migrate through he complicated process of transferring from blogger to wordpress. 

IMG_5631Their husbands couldn’t understand how they had gone to a blog conference and then stopped blogging.  The girls decided to blog less (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) so that the content was better quality. 

The husbands again wondered why they went to a blogging conference and were blogging a lot less.  They asked their friends what they thought.  Their friends admitted that they were disappointed that the Skelly twins were not blogging as much.

So, here we go…We are going to try and increase the number of blogs we post.  We can’t promise every blog will be one that we spend hours working on, but everything we post will have meaning and hopefully be enjoyable! We have decided that we will blog on Monday- Friday.  Some of the Tuesday/Thursday blogs will be recycled ones that we go back and improve.  

Here is an example of a tidbit we learned at our conference! There is a company called Blitsy that was started by a sister and a few of her brothers.  The idea was to sell DIY/ craft items online at a VERY discounted price.  They are the Zulily of crafts! 


They have a large website that contains tutorials and every craft supply possible.  The reason they can offer up to a 70% off discount is that they wait to get the different craft supplies you buy and then send in one box. (This is why you probably won’t receive the craft products within a few days like Amazon).  However, if you have time, this is a fantastic website to try! 

Back to blogging…we are still excited about blogging and would love for you to share it with your friends and family!

How can everyone help us???? Tell us what you would like to see more of from our blog!


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