picmonkey_image-22A few weeks ago we received an evite to a BLING PARTY. Our neighbors, Ebony and Robert Griffin were inviting us to their daughter (Skye’s) 3rd birthday party. Were we going to go?


Ebony was the first person I met on my street while we were building our house. She is one one the nicest people you will ever meet. She is just a good person and so fun to be around. She is also a very positive person. Second, her husband is named Robert Griffin…lol. This is just awesome. My husband is one of the biggest Baylor fans EVER. RG III is a legend in our house. The fact that we moved down the street from another Robert Griffin is just awesome.

Fast forward to the bling party

picmonkey_image-23I dressed Charlotte in a little black shirt that had a little silver on it. I put on my bling shirt that my friend Carrie made. We headed to the party.

The details:

Ebony did a wonder job in the details.

picmonkey_image-24The living room had two long tables set up for the little divas. Ebony made big paper puffs to help decorate the tables. The kitchen had tons of treats! Ebony’s friend made cake pops, decorative sugar cookies, and rice crispy treats that were dipped in chocolate. Balloons were placed all over.



Bounce house in the backyard
Finger nail polish station: Girls could have their fingernails painted with small pieces of bling put on each nail.
Karaoke: The Frozen Soundtrack





Hot dogs

The girls sat at the tables in the living room while being served their lunch. Each girl drank their punch out of a plastic cup that had a fancy bling ring around the top of it.





Each girl ended up with a goody bag full of bling!


In conclusion

The party was amazing. The kids and adults had a good time socializing and celebrating Skye’s third birthday. I was very impressed with all of the details of this party for this precious little girl.

My question for you is this: Have you ever thrown a party with a unique theme?

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