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Oh the Places You Will Go and the People You Will Meet

places you will go

One of the fun parts of traveling is meeting new people and learning new things about them.  Our recent trip to Mexico was no different and we met lots of nice people with interesting stories.

Before I highlight these people, I want to tell you about a weird experience that we had at the Cancun Airport on our way back.  

Corrin and I both are scared to fly, but Corrin’s fear is far worse than mine.  Every time she flies, she is convinced that the plane is going to crash.  She will take anxiety medicine and have a cocktail to make it through the crash.

 bra showing

When we arrived at the Cancun airport, we were put in a very long Funjet line.  I looked around and was immediately annoyed to see a girl in front of me wearing a sleeveless shirt that showed her entire bra.  I understand wearing tank tops under sleeveless shirts but this girl had her regular bra showing in its entirety.  My ex teacher mode set in (maybe this is one reason why I cannot be a teacher).  Surely there was a dress code and they were going to make this girl cover up her bra.  I would have been even more furious if my twelve year old son had been with us.  No one seemed to care and we were surrounded by people who looked like they literally rolled out of bed and headed to the airport.  Growing up, flying was a big deal and we always fixed ourselves up for the airport.  Not these folks.  Anything and everything went.

As soon as we walked through the security screeners, a middle age woman came running up to us in a panic.  She was trying to communicate something to us but we had no idea what language she was talking.  Amy thinks that she may have been speaking Portuguese.  We thought that we may have left something on the security conveyor belt and immediately looked in our bags to make sure we had everything.  She kept talking a million miles a minute.  Every time we looked in our bag she said shook her head no.  After a few minutes of her just standing there blabbering away in a language we no clue about, we finally just walked away.

We walked away and Corrin immediately knew that this was a sign from God.  Certainly the crazy woman was trying to warn us that our plane was going to crash.  The three other girls were a little shaken but even if this was a sign, we were getting on the plane because we missed our husbands and kids.  We headed to the bar.  We later saw the lady again and she started waving at us.  Corrin needed another drink.  

We got on the plane and reminisced about how much fun we had on our girl’s trip.

Interesting people we met along the way

TSA Agent:  

The TSA agent in Houston was super nice as we told him how excited we were to have a quick girl’s trip.  He completely understood where we were coming from because he and his wife had just dropped off their two kids (4 and 6) at the grandparents for two months this summer.  He and his wife were going to have lots of “fun” this summer????

Couple around our age at the pool resort:  

We spent a few hours talking a very nice couple at the pool resort.  They were around our age and super nice.  Both of them had very interesting stories and jobs.  The man was adopted by a couple who ended up divorcing.  His father was a prominent doctor and very determined to stand by his convictions.  His father believes that abortions are horrible and he was not paying any of this money towards them.  He didn’t pay his taxes for a few years (not because he didn’t have the money) but because he knew some tax dollars fund activities directly or indirectly related to abortions.  He compared this action to some of the disciples in the Bible.  He was standing up for what he believed in.  The IRS did not join in his ideology and sent him to prison for a few years.  What is the saying?  There are two things in life that are certain….death and taxes?  Does he pay his taxes today?  Yes, but he has no regrets for his time in prison.
wesley snipes

The wife had an interesting job.  She and her ex husband (who is a cop) own a company that does drug and background testing.  She said that she gets lots of interesting folks coming into her office.  The weirdest experience was one time when a guy who couldn’t speak English came in for a drug test.  He was handed a cup to urinate in.  He returned with the cup and it was filled with poop.  Nooooooo!!!!!  We were laughing in the pool because she said “Who can poop on demand?”

The water utility company employee

water cut off

I sat next to the nicest lady who was traveling with her husband and twenty-something sons on vacation.  They were celebrating the youngest son’s graduation from Texas A&M.  She worked in the office for a water utility company in a suburb of Houston.  She told me that she loved her job but sometimes is was really frustrating.  They average about two hundred water shutoffs a month.  People curse her out all of the time when they realize that their water has been shut off.  They have to employ four full time employees to shut off and reconnect water.  She said that there are some people who literally get their water shut off and reconnected every month.  The fee is only $75 so this enables these people to do this over and over.  There is one neighborhood in the Woodlands that looks nice from the road.  She said you would never know from driving by how much craziness goes on in the neighborhood.  They have to hire a police officer to accompany all of their workers to do shut offs and reconnections in this neighborhood.  Her stories started to remind me of dealing with some crazy parents when I taught.  I immediately thanked God that I was no longer teaching.  I don’t have the personality to deal with crazy parents anymore.

So now we are back to reality and love that we have stories we can reminisce when we get together with our girlfriends who accompanied us on our trip. Life’s too short to never go anywhere and meet new people.

Our question for you, do you have any funny traveling stories?

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