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Organizing Your Garage

picmonkey_image-16Let’s face it. Most of us collect way too much stuff and need to from time to time purge. When we built our house a few years ago, we opted for a three car garage. After moving in, I told my husband that we made a mistake and should have added the fourth garage to the plan. He said “Why? So we could accumulate more junk?”

I have to say that I know he is right. I am a type A personality and wish that all three of our cars (we now have a teenage driver) could fit inside of our garages. I can only imagine in my head our other four kids growing up and us needing massive garage space for family gatherings. Right now we only have three drivers so we are good.


Our one car garage is completely devoted to tools, bikes, and other miscellaneous items. We have six full size bikes and a million pieces of baby gear for our almost two year old. It got to the point where we couldn’t even walk into this garage because it was packed with stuff. I got to my breaking point. We HAD to clean out the garages and purge items that we didn’t need. We HAD to do something with all of the bikes!!!! YIKES!


Paige, Brad, and I (and Charlotte helped a little) woke up early Saturday morning and emptied both garages. Brad went to Home Depot and bought a device to hang the bikes so that we would have more room. We did a lot of purging and ended up with a two car garage that was cleared out and a one car garage that has tons of walking room and is organized.


My advice on cleaning out your garage:

  • Work on it early in the morning when it is not too hot.
  • Empty out your entire garage and make a pile of giveaways for items that you DO NOT NEED! (We took our give away piles and loaded them in my car to bring to the Goodwill).
  • Install hooks on the wall to hang things.
  • Install bike hooks to hang bikes.
  • If you buy new stuff, make sure you dispose of something in return. You don’t want to continue collecting more junk that you do not need!



My question for you is this: What tips for organizing the garage can you give us?

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