IMG_4416Months ago four of us decided that we wanted to take a quick girls’ trip to recharge from the day to day stresses of being wives and mommies. We set a budget and found the perfect package on Expedia. It was an all inclusive vacation package that included airfare, hotel, food, and drinks. The plan was to leave Thursday morning and fly back Sunday afternoon.

The four of us have used Expedia over the years many times when booking hotel rooms, flights, cruises, and car rentals, but have never booked a full package.

First Red Flag

We were booked on a charter flight so, there was no avenue for us to check the status of the flight or even print our boarding passes beforehand.


The day before our flight, our friend Tracy (who traveled extensively for work) started getting worried because it made her nervous that our flight seemed liked a black hole- no way to gain confirmation information. She spent Wednesday evening on the phone with our travel agent (Expedia), Funjet, and Aeromexico. She wanted to double and triple check that when we showed up for our flight everything would run smoothly. After 2 hours and 40 minutes of phone calls going back and forth with Expedia and Funjet (each one contiously telling her that the other one needed to help her) we were confirmed on our flight and told to arrive 2.5 hours ahead of time.

Second Red Flag


We arrive on time and the lights were off at the Aeromeixo counter!!! We kept thinking the agents walking around were coming to our counter. Then finally, a Funjet representative came out, but she asked us if we were going to Monterry. We all said, no the 9:00 AM to Cancun and she so nochantly said, that flight left at 7:00 AM…. WHAT!!!! There was no way!!! Christa tells the lady, we are not going home… how can you get us to Mexico???? She basically told us, she was not going to help us.

There was no way the four of us were getting back in our car and driving home to our kids and our husbands. This was not an option. I know this sounds like a weird statement but we were SO EXCITED about this trip. It took ALOT of planning to sort out 11 kids schedules, husbands taking off of work, and figuring out logistics for the four of us to get away for a few days.

We all were pretty shocked and immediately went into troubleshooting mode.


Tracy called Expedia, Amy called Funjet, Christa walked from counter to counter at the terminal looking for another flight and Corrin started looking up flights online. The representatives from Expedia were pointing at Funjet and saying it was their fault and Funjet was saying it was Expedia’s fault. Neither company wanted to do anything to help us. Tracy literally spent 1 hour and 13 minutes on the phone with Expedia and spoke to 3 different people… 2 being supervisors. They offered us nothing…. no new flights, no rebooking us the following day. Nothing. They just kept telling us how it was our fault that we didn’t know of the flight change.


It was at this point that it finally sunk in that we were on our own. Expedia and Funjet did not care about four mommies who had been dreaming about Cancun for months. Every time one of our 11 kids would throw a fit, wake up every few hours at night, get in trouble at school, we would just take a calm breath and fantasize our upcoming trip to Cancun.

Corrin was the only one who had luck. She called United and after a few minutes we found a direct flight to Cancun ($650.00) that left in 2 hours, so we made a quick decision as a group and booked it. We had already paid for the vacation and wanted to get there to enjoy it.


So we are hoping that Expedia or Funjet (or both) will make it right. We did everything the correct way and were left in the dust by both companies. We never received an email or phone call telling us of the flight change. We checked junk mail folders, and nothing was there. We called the night before to make sure that this would not happen.

Our question for you, what do you think Expedia and Funjet should do to remedy this situation?

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