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Surely We Can Figure Out How to Make Fancy Cookies

picmonkey_image-53Today’s blog post was inspired by our being so OVER this awful rain in Houston and the boredom that both our kids and ourselves are experiencing.  We have been holed up in our houses and there are only so many chores/ tv shows you can watch.  We packed up the kids and decided to head to Hobby Lobby to find a craft.  


picmonkey_image-56After wandering the aisles for some time we decided that we were going to bake.  We weren’t just going to bake, but we were going to try and figure out how to make those “fancy cookies” that you always see at baby showers, birthday parties, and other fun events.  We started thinking that with all the pinterest pages and youtube videos, it surely would not be that hard!

picmonkey_image-57We loaded up on supplies (cookie cutters, cute food coloring, decorating tips) and headed home.

picmonkey_image-52We quickly realized the secret to these “fancy cookies” was in the ICING!!!  In fact, the icing is called Royal Icing.  We used Emeril Lagasse’s cookie and icing recipe because it was easy and we had all of the ingredients. 

picmonkey_image-54So, how did we do??????

This is what we envisioned our cookies would look like:

picmonkey_image-58This is what they actually looked like:


picmonkey_image-51Overall we were pretty happy with our first attempt. They clearly could have been better, but they could have been worse.  We have decided that making these fancy cookies is a very attainable goal!  For that reason, stay tuned for our second attempt which we will be trying in the near future!

Our question for you, have you been successful making these cookies and if so, what are tips you can share?



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