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Want More or Less Friends? Being a Good Friend

IMG_6280Face it, we all want to be liked and have friends.  For some it comes very natural and easy while others it can be painful.  

This blog was inspired by Corrin and I thinking about things that we do that will totally turn people off from wanting to be around us.  We are guilty of every one of these but part of recovery is to not be in denial.  You know who you are.  Sometimes you are that person who just acts like a crazy person.  You look around and cannot understand why people are not agreeing with you.  After a good night’s sleep, you think to yourself “Oh, crap, maybe I shouldn’t have been like that.”

So we came up with a list of things that we can improve on and thought maybe you were like us and could use the handy reminders:

Being a Good Friend:  Tips

How-To-Be-More-Positive-Positive-Thinking-Exercises1. Be positive… Do you have a tendency to be Debby Downer?  Are you always complaining about things to people and on social media?  Even if you have the worst life ever and nobody can come close to how bad your life is….try to pretend that life is amazing…who knows…you may actually start believing it.

emersonquote2. Listen to others more….Are you a talker?  Do you dominate conversations?  Are conversations always revolved around you and your life?   We really want to know all about your wonderful life but sometimes we want a chance to talk to. If you really don’t care about my life, fake it…because that is what the nice things to do is.

**** If Corrin and I have a glass of wine too much, we are conversation hoarders….we realize this and try hard not to do it!

3. Be easy going….Are you demanding?  When you go out to a restaurant, are you high maintenance?  Is everything in your life a huge ordeal?  It is a lot easier to be friends who are easygoing and can adjust to life as it goes.  It is a lot harder to be friends with a drama queen who is constantly attracted to drama.

2014-06-13-BlueprintofYourCircleofFriends4. Understand that your friends have other friend circles.  Don’t get your feelings hurt when your friends do things with different people.

expert5. Even if you really do know it all, pretend that you don’t.  Being a one upper and know it all drives people crazy.   

6. Try to not be so boastful….We are all guilty of this.  We get excited about getting a new car, moving into a new house, and  going on a fun trip.  We know that everyone loves to share exciting new things.  However, if you are around people and that is the only thing you talk about (your new Porshe, your million dollar Chalet in Switzerland, your live in maid)….we get it…you are a big deal.  

7. Initiate and hosts things.  

8. Be generous….Are you a moocher?  You don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to be generous.  If you are invited to someone’s house, make some brownies to bring.  I laugh because my friends are really good about bringing snacks, juice boxes, wipes, etc to the park or for play dates.  I am horrible.  I forget things or get lazy about brining them.  Its not that I want my friends to feed my child for free or for us to use things.  I just get lazy about being extra prepared.  When we went to Cancun, Corrin and I packed Sunscreen that was SPF 15 because we wanted a nice tan.  That was just dumb.  A few hours into the trip, we were mooching off of our friends for their SPF 50.  I went to the hotel store and they wanted $20.00 for a tube of sunscreen.  I continued to mooch off of my friends and promised to make it up to them.

CMS-TwoCompliments9. Compliment your friends…It will make them feel better about themselves and about you!

keep-calm-and-re-evaluate-yourself10.  Reevaluate over and over….None of us are perfect….Make sure you are constantly evaluating yourself and seeing what you can improve on.  

swUJJ7good-friend-half-decent-friendship-ecards-someecardsWhich one of these tips do you agree with most and what tips did we miss?

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