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We Heart Our Freezer Meal Club


The two of us have been a part of a wonderful freezer meal club for over a year. We thought we would blog about why our freezer meal club is so successful!

What is a freezer meal club?

When a group of people get together (ideally 4-10 members), come up with rules and norms, set a date each month, make the same meal multiple times and then swap so that they leave with a wide variety of easy to prepare meals.

What type of people are best suited for this type of club?

People who are not picky eaters.

Are these meals that people have to spend a lot of time preparing the night they decide to cook that particular meal?

No, ideally everything is made so that you can pop it into the oven in the evening or you can put it in the slow cooker on low for several hours.

Are people allowed to give input about meals? How do you make sure that you do not have 10 chicken meals?

Yes we discuss what we are planning to make on our Facebook page.

Do I have to participate every month?

No, not every month. However if you stop participating, you will be removed from the group so that someone else can have your spot.

Are there any perks to your club?

Yes! If you are having a baby, you get that month off and everyone else cooks meals for you. Also, many of us sometimes give away a meal or two to someone we know who is sick, has had a baby, or is falling on hard times.

Do we have rules?


                                                             Cypress Freezer Meal Club Rules

Choose recipes that can feed around a family of four.

Choose a recipe that children would want to eat (nothing too exotic).

 Spend about $15.00 per meal. If you don’t spend $15.00 on the main meal, add a few sides to make up for it (dinner rolls, bag of veggies, etc). You will not be penalized for finding your ingredients on sale. We don’t want a member to spend $5.00 on each meal and another to spend $20.00 on each meal.

Try to use fresh vegetable or fresh ingredients when possible.

Try to make healthy and good meals. We love fattening stuff but a 2000 calorie per serving will only make us fat. That being said, don’t make meals that are so healthy they don’t taste good. Lol.


Be respectful of meal prep. Prepare meals in a safe and sanitary environment.

Attach cooking directions.

When preparing meals in a plastic freezer bag, make it flat so that it will be easy to freeze.

Here are a few lessons that we have learned from trial and error.


**The best packaging is a gallon size freezer bag or smaller tins found at the Dollar Tree.

**Most of our members have small children so package the meals into 2 smaller portions.

**Don’t make a meal that is too complicated.

**When you exchange, put the components into cheap plastic bags. This will prevent you from having random meal pieces floating around your freezer.


So, there you have it!!! We love our little group and hope that we have inspired you to find some friends who want to be a part of a wonderful club!

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