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3 Great Kid Ideas From Fellow Bloggers

picmonkey_image-3Three cool things I randomly stumbled across that I want to copy!!!!

I love reading other people’s blogs and getting ideas that I can copy. Here are three ideas I stumbled across that I want to copy!

#1.  Picky Eaters

picmonkey_imageThis picture was sent to us by our sweet cousin Lisa.  It was found on a website called the First 5 California.  This is a great website to go for resources related to having a toddler.  

#2 An Incentive to do Chores


We love this idea from one of our favorite blogs, The Chic Site. The idea is that the child can see the dollar and earn it after they do a chore.  I feel this would be great for older elementary, middle, and high school kids! Here is the link to the blog post that includes a free printable!


TheChic_work-for-hire-board#3 A fun, yummy dessert!

picmonkey_image-6I love making crescent rolls in the morning for the girls because they are easy and tasty.  I usually spray the tops with butter spray and then pour some cinnamon and sugar on top.  I would love to try this dessert recipe we found on a fun blog called I Heart Nap Time! Check out the blog.  You will love it!


picmonkey_image-5Our question for you, what is your favorite blog (other than theskellytwins.com of course)? 


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