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3 Things I LOVE!!!

polka-dots-orange-background-1364303503xIKI wanted to share 3 items that I absolutely LOVE!!! These are things I highly recommend you try! 

BI0512-UpClose-SparklingIceLineup-slideI discovered these ICE flavored sparkling waters this past weekend when I was visiting my in-laws.  They taste so good and are very refreshing!  I love the cherry limeade, peach mango, and other flavors.  If you are looking for a fun summer drink with none of the calories, try these out!!! You can buy them at any grocery store or Costco!  Christa tried one and couldn’t get over how good it tasted!!!!

IMG_6899My second favorite item is HEB San Antonio flavored coffee!!!! I buy the pods, but they also sell the beans.

90d9866299a6f36071e385ce441b45b0I discovered this WONDERFUL coffee flavor by accident.  I like a medium roast coffee and my go-to was the HEB Houston flavor.  I accidentally bought the San Antonio blend and could not believe how good the coffee was!!! It is truly a gourmet coffee, without the gourmet price tag.  

IMG_6952My third and final favorite product is a wall outlet with a USB port.  We had to hire an electrician to come install some ceiling fans in our house.  Dave decided to have him change out about 15 wall outlets in our house with new ones that have a convenient USB port where we can charge our electronics.  I love this because it is so convenient to be able to plug my phone and charge in several different rooms because of the outlet.  You can find these online for as cheap as $10.00 an outlet.  

My question for you, what is YOUR favorite product that I should buy?




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