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Do You Have a Pillow Addiction?

pillow-pile-round20-1024x768Today’s blog post is being written by me (Corrin, someone who witnessed lots of pillow craziness).  It all started months ago when several of the girls in our group of friends decided they wanted to make their backyard patios cozier.  I would like to think that my “new patio” inspired them, but truthfully, I believe they realized that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to add some pizzaz to your patio.IMG_7282I’m just going to tell you what I witnessed.  One day Christa called me and said, “Corrin, go in my garage and bring the pillows in my garage to Amy’s house”.  Me, “Ok, what are you guys doing?”  Christa, “You will see!”.  IMG_7281I headed to pick up a “few” pillows out of her garage when I realized that I was going to have to make SEVERAL trips to my car.  There had to be 2o throw pillows easily.  I was thinking….what….who buys a million throw pillows???

IMG_7289The answer, our friend Amy!!! I dropped the pillows off at her house and was astonished to find that she too was a pillow hoarder.  Between Christa and Amy, there must have been a million throw pillows!!! Imagine my surprise when I saw our friends Tracy and Carrie at Amy’s house.  They were all helping Amy figure out which pillows she would use and where they would be placed.  I just sat back and watched.  





Both Amy and Christa got input but were still not finished.  They went back to the stores to buy more pillows to see if they worked out better.  Of course they kept all of their receipts so they could return the million pillows that didn’t work.  

They had one more “pillow party” to finalize the selections.  I was invited and approved of all the selections!


Here are some tips they have when looking to find the right pillows!!!

  • Shop Target (especially clearance), Home Goods, At Home
  • Tell your friends what you are looking for so they can keep an eye out when they are shopping
  • Be nice to your friend who has very good taste (Tracy) so they won’t mind helping you with suggestions. 
  • You can never have too many pillows!!!!
  • Don’t be afraid of color!
  • Make sure the size of the pillow corresponds with the piece of furniture (balanced)


IMG_7288Our question for you, what tips would you add?

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