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Getting Your Beauty On….What Crazy Things Do You Do For Beauty?

picmonkey_image-5There are different levels at which people maintain themselves. I am pretty low maintenance so the extent of my beauty efforts involve (putting on makeup (not everyday), shaving (not everyday), having my eyebrows waxed or threaded, and getting my hair highlighted and cut). I rarely get a pedicure and need to be better about keeping paint on my toenails.

A few days ago I went to lunch with a group of girls and we started talking about our beauty routines. There were a few funny things that were mentioned to keep one beautiful that I am not willing to do…lol…but they were fun to talk about.

This made me think that women spend so much more time and effort on making themselves look better compared to men. I hope our guys really appreciate the effort.

A few years ago I started getting my eyebrows tinted. I have light eyebrows that you can barely see. The place I found is an eyebrow threading place located in the HEB in Cypress, TX. For $24, I can get my eyebrows threaded and dyed.

The process is very simple. Dye is placed on your eyebrows for about fifteen minutes.

picmonkey_image-2 After fifteen minutes, the dye is rubbed off and remains on the eyebrows. The only bad thing is that your brows will look crazy until you get a chance to go home and wipe off the excessive dye from your face. I go every few months to repeat the process.

picmonkey_image-3What about coloring your eyebrows in?

There are lots of ladies who do this and I do this from time to time when my dye job is fading. However, getting them dyed is so much easier.


picmonkey_imageMy question for you is this? What crazy thing do you do for beauty?

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