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Go To Gifts

picmonkey_imageWhat is your go to gift?

August is a big birthday month for our family:
Dave: August 6
Isabella: August 7
Paige: August 11
Finley: August 12
William: August 15
Marsha (my MIL): August 16
Brad (and his twin brother Brian): August 22
My dad: August 23
My mom: August 28

Gifts in general are pretty easy to come up with but unique gifts are hard to find! My friend Vernique informed me yesterday that one of my favorite gifts is now available on Amazon Prime! This is a deal changer. No longer do I have to drive to the Container Store (which I love)….I can just order it from Amazon Prime with no shipping fee!

My top four gifts:

picmonkey_image-2The Joseph Joseph Double Dish

My good friend Kristen gave me one of these a few years ago. This is a great gift because you give it to someone with a bag of pistachios. You can also use this for any food that you would need to dispose of a part (ex: edamame, cherries). It is great to pull out when you have company or even when you are at home with your family.

Anything from Designs All Mine

IMG_6027IMG_6024My friend Amy owns this company and her stuff is soooo cute! She can make anything for you. The quality of her stuff is top notch and her prices are super reasonable. She will ship anywhere so you can order from anywhere. If you are having a hard time thinking of a gift, you can contact Amy and say “I need a gift for…..” She will help you come up with a one of a kind gift! Corrin’s friend Stephanie is pregnant with a baby girl that they are naming Rose. Amy came up with the cutest items and incorporated the rose theme with the gift!

Bottles By Stephanie

IMG_6033picmonkey_image-3My friend Stephanie is an art teacher. She is one of the most talented people I know. She makes platters from wine bottles. You can use the platters for parties (cheese spreads, fruit spreads, etc). Stephanie customizes the bottles with a decorative bead/wire work on the top. If you order one, you can tell her any theme or color you would like and she will try to make it work. Stephanie asked Corrin to save a wine bottle from my wedding day to Brad. Corrin brought it to her and she made me the platter from it. It is one of my most treasured items! If you have a special bottle of wine, save it and have Stephanie make a platter for you!!!! Bottles run from $25-$45. If you would like to get one, contact Stephanie at stephaniewalton.scentsy.us (she also sells Scentsy!)

Junk Town Revival 10150794_695293570517236_4532312548365990718_n

68162_792939640752628_1320854127234530244_nWe love this gift because it is SO VERY UNIQUE!!! Our very sweet cousin Leigh and her husband Brett scour everywhere for unique items.  One of their speciality items includes old books that have been repurposed into journals.  These make great gifts for all occasions.  Corrin bought an Ancient Rome journal for Dave because he loves history.  The first few pages included old maps. The rest of the journal provided blank pages for Dave to journal his thoughts.  He actually uses it all of the time!


10952551_832868073426451_5299493200900046824_nThey ship anywhere in the country.  If you are in the Shreveport, Louisiana area, they have a shop. 

My question for you, what is YOUR favorite go to gift?

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    Wow what great ideas! Thank you for mentioning my business! I monograms as well !

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