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I Heart Crescent Rolls!!!

dessert-crescent-rollsLately we have been on a crescent roll kick in my house.  The reason we love them is because they are so easy and so versatile.  I want to spotlight a few easy ways to enjoy crescent rolls! If you are looking for a million ways to use crescent rolls, check out Pillsbury’s recipe website.  It is AMAZING what you can do with these rolls!

DSC_0099Regular dinner rolls!

When I make chicken and veggies, or any other meal, I buy the 4 pack so that my kids can have a roll to enjoy with their meal.  

6a41fa74-0d7c-42dd-ae64-fdd4467e24daCinnamon Sugar Breakfast Crescent Rolls

My kids love this for breakfast!  I have a spice called cinnamon sugar.  I spray some spray butter on top of the rolls and then sprinkle the cinnamon sugar on top.  

Hot-Ham-and-Cheese-RollupsWEBSandwich Crescent Rolls

These are so easy!  I place shredded cheese and a lunch meat inside the rolls and bake for 10 minutes.  The kids love these!

sloppyjoeSloppy Joe Casserole

My friend Alisha makes this all the time for her family and says it is so good!  You layer a can of crescent rolls on the bottom, place sloppy joe mix and cheese in the middle and then place another can of crescent rolls on top!

56928_640x428Sweet and Sticky Monkey Bread

I found this on the Pillsbury recipe website.  All you need is crescent rolls, sugar, brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon. 

My question for you, what is your favorite way to use crescent rolls?

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