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My Big Fat Skelly Wedding

CD_403Every girl dreams of having a fairytale wedding and marrying their prince charming. Unfortunately for me, I used my “big wedding” with the wrong guy. I was young and dumb and should have never married husband #1. Thankfully God is great and gave me a redo!

In true Skelly fashion, God has a sense of humor because he was going to provide a wedding that was fun, but also memorable!

After the most romantic proposal, Dave and I were sitting in the airport and started talking about our wedding. I really wanted to just go away somewhere fun because I had already had the big wedding. Dave is sentimental and said that he wanted a wedding. He thought a two year engagement was normal, I was ready to get remarried yesterday. Dave just started graduate school and had two years ahead of him.  I want to say we compromised, but truthfully I convinced him we should get married six months later on April Fools Day. Yes, that’s right. We chose April Fools Day to get married. This should have been our first sign that this was going to be an interesting day! 

The day of the rehearsal dinner I made Dave go get a spray tan. I have no idea why I did this, but he was a good groom to be and obeyed. When he showed up at the dinner that night, I couldn’t get over how white his teeth were. He was so tan!!! Whoops!!! 

CD_197-2The day of the wedding started out pretty calm. We had the perfect location (a very cool place in the Heights called Indiana Summer Lodge) where we would get married by a judge and then have a fun party. During the day my family went to the venue and spent hours decorating. After my sisters placed candles on the outdoor tables, my mother-in-law commented that those might not be a good idea from a safety standpoint. My sisters said it would be fine.

CD_306On the way to the wedding venue, Dave got pulled over at a speed trap and got a speeding ticket. Five minutes later Christa was exiting the same way and also got a speeding ticket. When I found out about the tickets, I started freaking out. What if all of my wedding guests started getting speeding tickets????

Two hours before the wedding, one of my sisters realized that she lost her bridesmaids dress. Thankfully I told my bridesmaids to all wear cute black cocktail dresses of their choice. Christa ran to JC Penney and bought 7 black dresses for April to choose from!  I showed up at the venue and was ushered into a side room where I could see guest arriving. I was so nervous and was stressing because I could see guests sitting, but my mom and sister were still not there!!! I was not a bridezilla and could not believe that I was making my guests wait!

My sweet friend Misty saw my nervousness and offered me a shot…of tequila. The first shot went down smooth. So did the second and third. Yes, that is right, the longer we waited, the more shots I was fed.

CD_039The venue had a balcony where guest could watch the ceremony. My friend Melissa’s husband Brandon said it was the best wedding ever because they were drinking beer while everyone was waiting….and waiting…and waiting….

anticipationMy mom and sister FINALLY arrived one hour late!!!!  They got lost and were driving around Houston in circles. After all of my “pre-wedding” shots, I was feeling “very good” for the nuptials. Did I mention that my super sweet in-laws don’t drink?  What a way to start off joining a new family….


CD_147I was so happy to be married to the love of my life.  When the judge said, “you may kiss the bride”, I planted the biggest kiss on Dave.  

CD_164After we said our vows we stood at the end of the aisle for everyone to congratulate us. My sweet mother-in-law accidentally ran into me and spilled red wine all over the train of my dress.

Five minutes later a couple of the tables caught on fire.

My dad kept saying that Dave was his favorite son-in-law (Michelle’s husband was at the wedding). He also kept forgetting Dave’s last name. 

I remember getting on the microphone and proclaiming my love for my new groom….over…and over…and over again!!!

CD_368My friend Paul gave us chocolate whip cream as a joke. We took pictures of our hotel and the whip cream ended up in the pictures. Grandmas and relatives saw the pictures.

Speaking of pictures, I found a photographer on Craig’s List.  This was ten years ago before I met all kinds of talented friends who take pictures professionally.  My Craig’s List photographer was awful.  I was so disappointed in my pictures.  My “wedding album” was a simple album filled with snapshots that you can get printed at Walgreens. She didn’t take any of my bridesmaids together and the best picture we have of the two of us was sent to us by a relative or friend.

CD_208All in all, this was one of the best days of my life!!! I had SO much fun and danced for most of the night. I took off my shoes early in the night and my dress paid the price!  A few days later Dave took my dress to the dry cleaner and between the red wine and dirt, they said they couldn’t clean it.  They also mentioned that it looked like I had been trampled by a herd of elephants.  

CD_228So there you have it…..My crazy fun wedding. I would not change a thing. I called this post my big crazy Skelly wedding because for all of you who know the Skelly family, you know that nothing ever goes as planned. 

Now my question for you, what is the craziest thing that you have experienced at YOUR wedding or someone else’s wedding?

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