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Step Up Your Glam Game: Tips from a Professional Makeup Artist

make-up-tipsCorrin and I are not really into makeup. Of course we wear it but we are budget girls and have spent years buying our makeup from places like Walgreens. We have stayed with the same products: Revlon foundation and eyeliner, Cover Girl powder and blush, and Maybelline mascara. About six months ago, we decided to up our game and went to Ulta to get a few items The one thing I was very happy about purchasing was their eye shadow bar called Naked.

Corrin met a sweet girl that lives in our neighborhood named Elizabeth who is a professional makeup artist. She owns her own business called Hair By Liz. She does makeup for all occasions, especially weddings and proms. Elizabeth offered to give a few girls in the neighborhood a makeup lesson. If you live in the Houston, Cypress, or surrounding areas, I highly recommend Elizabeth! If you are going to a special event, she will make you beautiful! She has an airbrush machines that is really neat.

picmonkey_image-6We showed up at Corrin’s house and Elizabeth did my makeup and Lisa’s make up. She wanted to do a contrast so she chose to do a more formal (night look) on Lisa and a day look (more natural looking) on me.

IMG_5426 IMG_5425

Elizabeth gave us lots of tips (see below) but the main three things I came away from this were:

  • DO NOT APPLY foundation with your hands. You are wasting a ton of money. Use a makeup brush to apply your foundation. I spend about $10.00 on my Revlon foundation and buy it frequently (maybe once a month because I apply it with my hands). If I buy the foundation Elizabeth buys, Chanel Aqua foundation ($47.00), and use a few dots on a brush, this will last at least half a year.
  • picmonkey_image-3Invest in a few good makeup brushes. Elizabeth said the brushes will last for years so it is worth it to invest in them. She recommends Sephora but says the brushes at CVS are fine too. The brush needs to be made of real hair.
  • You don’t have to wear lipstick. Elizabeth has similar coloring as me and I was very happy to hear that she does not wear colored lipstick because she doesn’t like the way it makes her look. I have never liked the way colored lipstick looks on me. Elizabeth uses Benefit Tint and Ulta Nude lipstick

IMG_5430IMG_5431A few questions:

What makeup product can you buy the cheaper brands?

What is your all time favorite product?
Mac BB Cream (I had to look up what this was. A BB cream is an all in one product that is a moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock)

If you were on a budget, and could only splurge on three products, which ones are worth the extra money?
Primer, foundation, eye liner

Elizabeth’s tips! (Thank you Amy B. for taking good notes!)

Elizabeth’s favorite products:
Eye Primer- Mac
Eye Shadow – Mac or the Naked Bar from Ulta
Eye liner- Lorac and Urban Decay gel eyeliner
Concealer- Lorac
Foundation- Chanel Aqua
Powder- Bare Minerals
Blush- Nars
Lipstick- Ulta Nude
Eyebrow shaping: Benefit creme brow shadow for eyebrow filling
Lorac or Mac highlighter above eyebrow for contouring
Smash box primer for whole face

Foundation should go on last! Do your eyes first!

Don’t put eyeliner on entire bottom lid (it makes the eye look smaller)! Put eyeliner in corner on the bottom lidpicmonkey_imageEye shadow application:
Same color as skin all over (nude)
White below the brow and in the corner
Nude- light brown in crease
Night- dark brown dark (purple,blue) in corner crease dot…(don’t use shimmer…shimmer is not good for wrinkles)
Day- gold dot
Flat fluffy brush to blend dot up into the corner

picmonkey_image-2One thing I realized is that the ladies at the party all agreed that even if you spend a lot of money on quality makeup, you will have it for A LONG TIME. You should invest in yourself and your looks. You are worth the investment. I remember when I used to dye my hair myself to save money. A friend told me, “There are some things that you just should not skimp on.” I agree and the way I feel about myself is important and I started to get my hair professionally colored again and it looked so much better. Sometimes you get comfortable in a relationship and you know that your partner or spouse will love you with makeup or without makeup. Don’t get into this rut. Fix yourself up every once in a while and put some make up on. My husband says he doesn’t care if I wear makeup or not but I know he gets excited when I fix
myself up. Stop being lazy and make yourself do it!

picmonkey_image-4My question for you is this: Who is ready to go and splurge a little on yourself?

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    July 11, 2015 at 2:35 am

    I have learned to splurge on quality make-up. It truly is a difference. I am curious about “put foundation on last”? Like, last last?, after everything???

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