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The Perfect Napa Itinerary!

picmonkey_imageWe recently returned from one of the most fun trips we have ever taken with friends. A few of us were looking to take a quick trip somewhere that would be nice weather and plenty of good food and drinks. All four couples threw out ideas (Boston, New York, Charlotte, etc) and we ultimately decided on Napa. Only one of the four couples (Tracy and Drew) had been to Napa before and they were excited about going back!

Our friend Amy is not a wine drinker, but was excited about going!!!

We will admit that Amy, Tracy, and Drew were vital in planning the trip and coming up with the perfect itinerary. We wanted to blog about the itinerary in case you are looking to take a similar short trip and need some suggestions!!!!


picmonkey_image-2We rented a 4 bedroom house in Napa and rented a 12 passenger van from Thursday to Sunday.

12:00 PM Arrive in Oakland, California
Head toward our rental house and stop at Jamieson Ranch Vineyard (recommend)picmonkey_image-3Meet our concierge at the rental house (it was included in the rental)picmonkey_image-4Dinner at Morimoto restaurant (Iron chef owner) expensive, but great experiencepicmonkey_image-6Drinks at The Thomas Restaurant rooftop bar (recommend)

9:00 AM driver arrives to start taking us to wineries (she was $50.00 an hour and well worth the expense considering there were 8 of us splitting the cost) Side note: The Concierge was from Concierge of the Valley. We felt the service was very professional and owner Chrystal Rose wanted to take care of all of our needs. We would use them again! The driver, Andrea, was awesome. If we would do it over, we would ship the wine ourselves. We left our thirty two bottles of wine at the house and Chrystal Rose shipped it for us. The charge was $80 for her service plus the shipping cost.

Breakfast at Bouchon Bakery

picmonkey_image-7picmonkey_image-8Segway Tour/ Winery tour at Hopper Creek Vineyards (too much fun, great intimate winery experience): Must do! Segway Napa

Hamburger at Gott’s Roadside: My mom raved about this place so we were expecting the best hamburgers on the planet. The food was good but I think our expectations were too high.
Castle winery (Castello di Amorosa)- drove up and then left (didn’t think we would like it)picmonkey_image-9picmonkey_image-10Sterling vineyard…ok…too big. We all decided that we are not huge winery people. The gondola ride up was really nice but nothing that made it amazing.

picmonkey_image-11Happy hour at Round Pond vineyard: We thought this vineyard was beautiful and the patio atmosphere was cool. We enjoyed eating snacks on the patio and drinking the wine.  After we home and ordered best pizza from Papa Joe’s Pizza and hung out; pizza was fantastic!

Breakfast at The Model Bakery:  recommend

picmonkey_image-12Del Dotto Vineyard: Neat experience: The tasting was $60 a person but included food and a neat tour tasting wine from the barrels

picmonkey_image-13Raymond Vineyard: One word: cheesy..Don’t do! There were pictures of the owner all over the place and bobbleheads of himself. He is obviously a narcissist. Skip..The atmosphere was weird. I felt like I was in a rave winery. The cheapest bottle of wine was $80.00
Lunch at a Mexican truck: fantastic

picmonkey_image-14Cliff Lede Vineyard— awesome: This was one of our favorites! The atmosphere was fun and the wine was great!picmonkey_image-15Domaine Chandon: We chose this one for our friend Amy who likes sparkling wines. This was a dud. The people who worked here were complete jerks. There were lots of drunk people here.
Dinner at Market: This was outside of Napa in St. Helena. The food was good.
Dance party at home: priceless…so fun! We had our itunes out listening to oldies but goodies!

1:00 PM flight…arrive home at 7 pm, back to reality!!!!

picmonkey_image-16Overall, we had such a wonderful trip!  We had a good mix of visiting wineries along with other fun activities.  Amy, the person who is not a wine fan, had a blast and will definitely be back! 

Our question for you, what did we miss that you recommend for our next trip to Napa?

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