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To Spirit or to Not Spirit. That is the Question!

picmonkey_imageSpirit Airlines is a no frills low budget airline. If you are a high maintenance person, this is not the airline for you. If you are a frequent flyer and you don’t have to fly a budget airline, than this is obviously not the airline for you.

picmonkey_image-9As we were booking our Napa trip, we searched for economical flights. United was pretty expensive (I think around $500 a ticket from Houston to Napa). Southwest Airlines was around $350. Spirit Airlines was a bargain price of $250! None of us had flown Spirit but we heard that you PAY FOR EVERYTHING.

We know that Southwest still has free baggage so we thought about the difference. Spirit charges $30 each way for a bag (and more if you wait until the airport to decide to check a bag) . Ultimately we decided to go with Spirit because we liked the times the best.

picmonkey_image-5We were excited about Spirit until……

1. We went to Cancun and had our plane ticket debacle….Sometimes you get what you pay for.

2. Our friend Jen’s brother-in-law got their Spirit Flights unexpectedly cancelled (not weather related) and booked two days later.

3. We talked to our friends Brent and Tiffany who fly all of the time. Brent said “NOOOOOOOOOOOO….don’t fly Spirit….don’t do it!”

We started to have buyer’s remorse. At this point we just knew that our flight would be cancelled or rescheduled to a crazy time. We received a million emails telling us of flight changes (by a few minutes). We laughed because Expedia never sent us an email with a change of flight update….Spirit sent us a million emails. They are good at keeping you up to date.

The plan was that each couple would pack one suitcase so that the baggage fees were not crazy. Brad ended up having to go to London for business so he had to cancel Houston to Oakland leg and fly directly from London to San Francisco to meet us. This meant that Brad and I both would have to pay for a bag on our way back.

The flights



The flights were not bad. THEY DO CHARGE FOR EVERYTHING. Tracy and Drew decided that it was worth $15.00 to upgrade their leg room. The rest of us were in the back of the plane. The seats don’t recline. Amy’s tray table was broken and her armrest was duct taped. Corrin had gum in her menu.

We ordered drinks (even water costs) and snacks.picmonkey_image-6


If you don’t like to cheap out on things, don’t fly Spirit Airlines. If you are worried about your flight being cancelled, don’t fly Spirit Airlines. If you want to save money and you know there are several other flight options if your flight is cancelled, you should try Spirit Airlines. If you don’t mind taking the budget route (with the expectations that go along with that), you should fly Spirit Airlines. Each person gets one small carry on. If you have a purse, this is it for you.

picmonkey_image-8Would we fly Spirit Airlines again?

On our next trip, we would probably stick to Southwest or United. It we were looking for a cheap getaway, we would for sure fly Spirit Airlines again. They are actually running a FANTASTIC sale right now and you can plan fun, quick getaways for CHEAP!!!

While flying back to Houston, the captain got on the intercom and said that Spirit Airlines is hiring flight attendants. This would be a fun career!

My question for you is this: Would you fly Spirit Airlines?

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