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What are YOU Binge Watching this Summer?

picmonkey_imageFace it, during the school year things get very hectic. Everyone has a million and one things to do and binge watching a great tv show is probably far down the list. Now that it is summer time, hopefully everyone has a few extra “down time” hours in the day. Today’s blog post was inspired by spending this past Sunday binge watching all day! It started at the lake when my mom had her face planted into her IPAD all day binge watching a show that I have never heard of. The next day (Saturday) April gets sucked into binge watching the same show. Sunday, I woke up and decided to get back on my treadmill after a week of unhealthy eating/drinking and wanting something to watch. I found “that show” and next thing you know it is 1 AM and I am still watching!!!


Here are a few of my favorite recent “binge watching” Netflix tv shows!!!

Chasing Life

picmonkey_image-3This is “the show” that my mom, sister, and myself binged watch this past weekend. We found it on Netflix, but it airs on ABC Family (which surprised me because of some “adult” topics). If you enjoyed watching the tv series Parenthood, you will really like this show. It is well written and the cast has funny characters! Trust me and watch one episode! You will be hooked! The show follows a 24 year old aspiring journalist and her quirky family after she gets a devastating leukemia diagnosis. I know this sounds depressing, but it really will make you smile!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

picmonkey_image-4This is a HILARIOUS comedy found on Netflix. It was created by Tina Fey and other SNL alumni. The opening tune in each episode mimics the “Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife” autotune song. The show follows 29-year-old Kimmy Schmidt as she adjusts to life in New York City after being rescued from a doomsday cult in Indiana where she and three other women were being held by the Revered Richard Gary Wayne for 15 years. With the help of quirky people she befriends, Kimmy learns to adapt to a very unfamiliar world. This is one that you might be unsure of at first, but the more the watch, the funnier it gets!


picmonkey_image-5I have previously written about this being a HILARIOUS show! The cast makes this show. The show focuses around an upper-middle class African American family. I like that they make fun of lots of stereotypes. The target audience includes people of all races. This one is fun to watch as a family.

New Girl

picmonkey_image-6This show can be found on Fox (and Netflix) and revolves around an offbeat teacher Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and her three male roommates. People our age (30s) can especially relate to many of the show’s references. I will admit that this is a series that starts out strong (first few seasons are SO FUNNY), but the last couple of seasons aren’t as funny.

The Affair

picmonkey_image-7I haven’t actually watched this, but my friend Tiffany said it was SOOO good! It originally premiered on Showtime, but can be found on many on-demand formats (ex. HBO GO). The show explores the emotional effects of an extramarital affair between a New York City schoolteacher/author and a young waitress who is struggling after the death of her child. The story is told separately from both perspectives.

Orange is the New Black

picmonkey_image-8Probably most people have heard about OITNB. The first season was so good!!! The second season not as much, and I have heard the third is just as good (or better) than season 1. This show is great, but does have lots of “racy scenes” between the female prisoners.

Oldies, But Goodies!!!


West Wing, House, 24, Sopranos

Finally, if you don’t have time to watch a series, but are looking for a good movie that you may not have seen, there are two that I found recently on Netflix that I really enjoyed. These are two that both went to the theaters, but I don’t remember them receiving lots of attention (maybe they did but I didn’t realize it). They both left me smiling!

picmonkey_image-9Chef is a comedy/dram about a professional chef who quits his job at a popular LA restaurant and returns to Miami to fix up a food truck. His ex-wife (Sofia Vergara) invests in the venture and allows him to take their young son on an adventure driving the food truck back to LA.

Enough Said was James Gandolfini’s last movie. The romantic comedy is about a divorced masseuse who begins a relationship with Albert, only to discover that he is the ex-husband alf her client and friend Marianne.

My question for you, what do you think should be the next tv series or movie we watch?

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