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Where is My Coca Cola Name?

IMG_7250This post was inspired by the fact that I have a weird unique name.  I’m not going to lie.  I have a love/hate relationship with my name.  My mom named me after a character on a show called Soap.  Growing up I always thought it was kind of funny that my mom named me after a t.v. character.  

I love my name because I am not one of a million with the same name.  I love that when I was single and meeting guys, they remembered me because of my unusual name.  

I hate my name because nobody can pronounce it.  I finally just tell everyone my name is like Corinthians, but without the inthians.  I even had a professor tell me that my parents spelled my name incorrectly.  Um, thanks for that tidbit.  Do people really have to say everything that comes into their brains?

IMG_7248In the past year or so, Coca Cola came up with a new advertising campaign where people were encouraged to “share” a coke with their friend, soulmate, VIP, lover, etc.  It was fun trying to find your name.  Interestingly enough the campaign started in Australia and then moved to the United States.  This campaign is so much fun when you have a normal name.  When you have a unique name, you are used to never finding cups, mugs, pencils, key chains with your name on it.  And we know that everyone loves seeing their name on something.  

Christa’s friend Veronique found a coke bottle with her name on it!!! We were all shocked because Christa is a pretty unique name.  It got me thinking that I wanted a coke with my name on it.  Surely there was a way for people like me to feel the same satisfaction of seeing our name on a coke bottle.  I know this seems lame, but it is true!

Of course, in the internet age, where there is a will, there is a WAY!  I googled personalizing coke bottles and found that you CAN get your name on one!!!

IMG_7249The website is called Share A Coke. For $5.00 plus shipping I could order a glass coke bottle with my name on it.  I decided to order Finley one as well since she also has a unique name.  If you order 12 personalized bottles the shipping is free.  This would be fun for a party or a wedding.  You don’t have to have the same name on all 12 (or more) bottles.  You can personalize each one!



IMG_7188So, there you have it!  You can order personalized M&Ms and now personalized cokes!

My question for you, do you love your normal or unique and why?






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