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A Change of Heart, Maybe the Beach isn’t so Bad!

sparkling-elegant-boldI’m Backing Down

This post is all about how wrong I was. It is hard for someone like me to admit that I was wrong, but for this post, I will admit that I was wrong. I am actually VERY HAPPY that I have had a change of heart.Beach-vs-Mountains-Shutterstock-CarballoFor years we have been fortunate enough to take a wide variety of vacations. We have gone to the beach, mountains, cruises, Disney, Europe, etc. I have the traveling bug in my DNA. Throughout this period of time I have been the biggest brat about the beach. I just haven’t been a fan. All of my friends have tried to reason with me and question how I can not LOVE the beach. I said the same thing over and over…”I’m not a beach person, but love the mountains.” I love Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Switzerland.” In the back of my mind I remember scorching hot beaches, babies in diapers, and misery. I was ok forgoing that awesome Mexico vacation everyone talked about.IMG_7424Mexico…In fact, I have been a brat about Mexico as well. The second it became unsafe in areas, I jumped on that “bandwagon” and had nothing nice to say. I didn’t want to go vacation in Mexico. In fact, when we would take a cruise that docked in Mexico, I would gladly stay on board.

Ok…this is the part where I eat CROW. Actually, I deserve a huge slice!

A few of months ago four of us starting talking about a girls trip. We wanted to go someone fun, fast, and inexpensive. We pondered the idea of a road trip, but all of us wanted something more “exotic”. Mexico was mentioned and I remember saying “I’m not a fan, but I would actually be excited about going with you girls”.IMG_7428Fast forward to our Cancun vacation. I can honestly say it was one of the BEST vacations I have ever taken! It wasn’t long, but it was PERFECT! It was inexpensive, beautiful, all-inclusive, and easy! In fact, it was a short 1 hour 45 minute flight from Houston to Cancun. The water was beautiful (all the different shades of turquoise blue). The weather was not too hot. The food was 5 star! I will be blogging in the future about our wonderful resort.IMG_7426In conclusion, don’t be a brat like myself. If you are not a fan of something, don’t close yourself completely to the idea. I am so glad that I was open to the idea of a Mexican Beach vacation. It was beautiful, easy, relaxing, and fun. I now get what everyone has been telling me for years. I feel that until you find “the right fit” you will not understand how wonderful this vacation can be….and Mexico is so close!!!IMG_7425My question for you, what is something that you thought you hated, but ended up really liking once you were more opened minded?

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