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Child Lock: Do You Use It?

IMG_1083Today’s blog is a guest blog from our friend Amy! 

How many people who have toddlers keep their child lock on all the time? Some people I know always have it on and others have never given it any thought. I had a reminder this week why it’s a good idea to always have it on if you have young kids.1398003_10202158079060684_2071415814_oI was at Emerson’s school for camp pick up, talking to a friend in the parking lot. Another friend who was loading up her car, came over and tells me that one of the kids locked herself in the car, by herself, without the car running! She had one in the car and 2 out of the car, so she needed my help. The one who was locked in the car was 2.5 and not buckled in, so I was pretty sure we could get her to unlock the door or open it. We had to yell through the window, instructions to her. After several attempts we were able to get her to pull the handle and the other mom grabbed the outer handle at the same time and got it open. She had no idea she was locked in!

We got lucky and didn’t have to break the window. It has been soooooo hot and there was no way we would have been able to wait for pop a lock.

I am guessing the little girl hit the lock button on her door and that is how she got locked in. We weren’t really sure. Anyway, it was a good reminder to us and our friends, that the child lock feature is a must for toddlers! Especially in this summer heat.

Our question for you, do you use your child lock?

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