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Family Charger Problem




The number one fight in our household besides cleaning revolves around cell phone chargers.  We have SIX iPhone users in the household and the kids are always losing chargers.  

What happens when they lose a charger or their charger dies?

They steal a charger from another kid or parent.

It makes me so mad to not be able to find my charger and to have to go searching in bedrooms looking for it.  The kids all go to other households so the chargers sometimes get taken and lost there.

washi tape iPhone chargers match

What does this mean?

The kids automatically expect that we need to buy them a new charger when they lose theirs or they die.  

Do I agree?

No.  I pay enough for them to have iPhone, the last thing I need to do is to replace chargers.

If you have small children, you are probably thinking that this will never be a problem in your house.


Your small children will grow up and become teenagers one day and you will have this problem

It made me laugh to see this tweet.  Apparently OTHER families have this problem to.


What is the solution?


We now  label our chargers.  I have my name on all of the parts of my charger.  I even ordered a dual charger from amazon for ten dollars and labeled it “kitchen.”  This charger has to stay in the kitchen area.  If the kids lose their chargers, they can go to the kitchen for a charge. The kids have painted their chargers with nail polish.  You could take different types of decorative duck tape to label them.

What are other solutions?

Corrin had an electrician put in charging ports throughout the house where her light sockets were.  You only need the cord which can be purchased on amazon in bundles.  The “block” is the expensive part of the iPhone charger.

I found a cute blog  that came up with a cute solution.  They had the ports installed and have a crate as the charging station.  






I would like to tell you that our iPhone charging problem is solved but until we start enforcing consequences for stealing family member’s chargers, the problem will continue.  

I have 2 questions for you:  What does your family always fight about?  Do you have another solution to our family charger problem?

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