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Good Pool Experience Versus Bad Pool Experience


Corrin decided to put in a pool about a year ago.  She and Dave wanted a backyard extension and a pool built at the same time.  They got several bids and chose one that they felt confident would provide a great backyard.  It was not the lowest bid.  We will call them Company Scam.  Scam was very nice in the bidding process.  The designer was very nice and they were excited about getting the project.  Corrin and Dave were super excited about getting started.

Once the first check was cashed, the experience went downhill.  Scam had no desire to get the project done in a timely manner or a desire to provide good customer service.  The owner of the company wouldn’t talk to Dave about Dave’s concerns.  Six months into their project, the pool still was not complete.  When it was all said and done, Corrin and Dave ended up with an outdoor gas fireplace that has never worked, a pool that the tiles keep coming off, and a poor design where the spa overflows on to the patio and creates a constant water mess.  The outdoor area is beautiful but the poor customer service and poor builder quality and design made for a very bad experience, especially given the amount of money spent on the project.







Once Brad and I decided to get a pool, we were adamant on two things, we were not using Scam and we were not going to make the same mistakes that Corrin and Dave made in trusting Scam to do the right thing.

We had four pool bids and decided to go with Chris of Piazza Original Poolscapes.  Our friend Heather used Chris and praised his work over and over.  She had nothing bad to say about her experience, only positive.  I went to her house to see her pool and was very impressed.  His price was very reasonable (significantly less than Scam).








I told Chris about my sister’s nightmare and he assured me that this would not be the case for my pool project.


We got HOA approval the first week of June and we were swimming in our pool a few days before August.  The quality of work was excellent.  Chris has a man named Gabriel working for him that is the nicest guy.  Gabriel did a great job managing our project.  He made the tile people come back out and redo the tile around the spa that was not perfect.  I didn’t even notice it until he pointed it out but was pleased that he had an eye for this detail.  Chris and Gabriel were very accessible and answered my phone calls or text in a timely manner.  

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Now that we are swimming in our pool, Brad and I are thankful that we had such a smooth experience.  Chris is a smart guy.  He knows that if he does a good job, I (and others) will send people to him.  Our neighborhood is new construction so there are plenty of houses that will get pools.  My neighborhood mom’s group has 177 members.  If I am at a mom’s night out with the ladies, someone may ask me about my experience.  I will recommend Chris’ company and warn them of Scam.   If you are building in the Houston or surrounding area, I highly recommend Piazza Original Poolscapes.  You will not regret it!

My question for you is this:  Who is ready to get a pool?

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