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School is back in session so there is no better time than NOW to start back our weight loss challenge.  We are doing a few things different. Our last challenge was a success and we attribute a lot to the group peer pressure.   We had a wonderful and fun summer but it is now time to get back on the wagon.  I told my husband this was my LAST summer wearing a swim skirt…ever.  

Why should you care?

If you are not happy with YOUR weight, today is the day to join us in mind and spirit.  


What should you do? This is what we are doing:

  1. Get a group of friends and create a Facebook Group for your challenge.
  2. Create a timeline (we are doing 12 weeks)
  3. Collect money:  There are 9 of us and we each paid $50 to join.  Have members send money via Paypal (easiest way to collect and disburse funds).
  4. Weigh yourself on day one and measure your inches:  (neck, thigh, hips, arms, waist)
  5. Get a Fitbit and invite your members to weekly Fitbit challenges
  6. Post motivational pictures of yourself to the group page of you looking awesome in the past
  7. Get started!  JUST DO IT!  Studies have proven that group accountability works!
  8. Stay in touch via the Facebook group page…post funny pictures, tips, etc to keep the mood light
  10. seriously…just do it…you were meant to read this blog post today…..


Our groups rewards


Wk 2 paid out on 9/11: 2 winners, $10 each most lbs and most inches lost

Wk 4 paid out on 9/25: 2 winners, $10 each most lbs and most inches lost between wk 2 and wk 4

Wk 6 paid out on 10/9: 2 winners, $20 each most lbs and most inches CUMULATIVE

Wk 7 paid 10/16 Fitbit challenge: hit your goal everyday of the wk, get $5 ($45)

Wk 8 workout mini challenge paid out 10/23: Work out at least 3 times and get $5 (I’ve accounted for everyone winning=$45 If you don’t, I’ll apply that $ to the grand prize)

Wk 9 Halloween candy challenge paid out 10/31: Record how many pieces of candy you eat each day. At the end of the week, the 2 with the lowest numbers get $15 each

Wk 10 paid out on 11/6: 2 winners, $10 each most lbs and most inches lost between wk 6 and 10

Wk 11 DRINKING CHALLENGE paid out on 11/13: $5 to anyone who goes all week (Mon-Fri) without drinking (allotted $45 so everyone can win. If you don’t, I’ll apply that to the grand prize)

Wk 12 paid out on 11/20: 2 winners, $185 to split most lbs and most inches total


My question for you is this: Who is REALLY going to do this?

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