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Pool Safety: Katch A Kid

picmonkey_imageToday my sweet niece Isabella turns seven years old. We love Isabella so much and she has such a fun and sweet personality. We are thankful everyday to have Isabella because when she was three, she almost drowned in my last pool. I am so thankful that my father in law saved her life.picmonkey_image-2We loved having a pool in our last house but the almost drowning of Isabella put a bad feeling in our bodies. The problem, though, is that all of our kids (and Corrin’s kids) LOVE to swim.

We finally made the decision to build a pool at our new house but our number one priority was safety. Charlotte just turned two and we worry about her. We immediately signed her up for survival swim classes which she is still doing.IMG_6182Next, we decide to have a fence installed along our back porch.IMG_6178Finally, we decided to have a Katch A Kid Safety Net installed. My friend Amy has one on her pool and told me how much they like it. They keep their net on their pool during the winter months.

Brad and I decided that the Katch A Kid Net was a must. Charlotte has a playscape in our backyard. We want her to be able to play on the playscape and not have to worry about her getting in the pool. Also, we can put the net on if we have a babysitter so that we don’t have to worry when we are not home that Charlotte could fall in the pool.picmonkey_image-4Is the net a pain to put on and take off?

No. It takes about five minutes to put on and take off. The installers drilled permanent hook latches all around the pool. They build the net to fit our pool. There is a pulley system that has a crank to tighten the device. My friend Amy told me that she has heard of parents putting the net on and taking the crank system with them so that the teenagers won’t get in the pool or have friends over without their permission.IMG_6175Does it work?

Yes. I walked on the net and it did not give in. The system is genius!

I think that the number reason people would not get the fence or the net is the cost. The net installer told me that he gave a quote to a lady who decided against it because of the cost (it is expensive). Her baby ended up drowning. Brad and I both agreed that if we couldn’t afford to do the safety devices, we were not getting the pool. We decided to do the fence along with the net because we knew that we wouldn’t always have the net on the pool. We needed a secure way that Charlotte absolutely couldn’t get to the pool.

The fence installation (the fence automatically closes) cost $2000.

The Katch A Kid net was $2000

Katchakid.compicmonkey_image-3Ultimately we are going to have the net for many years. When Charlotte gets older, we will still put in on the pool when we have guests over with small children. When we go to sell our house down the road, the net can transfer to the new owners.

My question for you is this: If you know people with pools or who are about to build a pool, will you share this information with them?

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