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Tips for Traveling With and Without Kids!

10520091_10153538307357837_7745099355543690713_nToday’s post was inspired by a friend’s suggestion that we blog about tips for traveling with kids. She is going on a vacation in a few days and thought some tips would be nice. We are taking our kids on a cruise shortly and I thought it would be a good idea to do some research.


  • Lay out your outfits and then take half of what you planned on taking. Don’t overpack and don’t pack “options”. If you are going to “overpack”, save it for your underwear. 
  • Roll your cloths (instead of placing them flat). This saves room and helps alleviate wrinkling.
  • packing-clothesPack your children’s outfits in gallon ziploc bags (shirt, short, underwear, socks, bow, etc). After the outfit is worn, place it back in the bag and label it “dirty”.
  • Pack different size ziploc bags. They will come in handy over the course of your trip. IMG_7586
  • Consider purchasing packing cubes– These are organizational tools that come in a variety of sizes to keep different components separated (undergarments, dirty clothes, socks, swim suits, etc).
  • Females pack a scarf- It’s versatile and takes up little space. 
  • Pack items in your shoes to save space.
  • Buy a collapsible hamper at the Dollar Store. Use it for your dirty clothes during your trip and as a container if you have to do laundry.

vq-036_1zPack a travel kit for each family member that contains a toothbrush, small toothpaste, shampoo, soap, rubber bands, floss, etc. Purchase different color cases/designs so that each family member can easily recognize their own. When you return from a trip, put away the kits.

Pack a mini first-aid kit that includes bandaids, small bottle of hand sanitizer, antiseptic wipe, small tube of antibiotic ointment, individual packets of Advil and Children’s Tylenol.

Kid Tips

  • Don’t forget to pack extra sippy cups. Our friend said they didn’t sell them on their cruise ship and this proved problematic having two young boys.6a0163004149d3970d016300498f0f970d
  • Using ziplock bags, create “activity sets” to keep the kids entertained. For example, a marker and an activity worksheet, 5 colors and a color sheet, small action figures, small play dough and small cookie cutters, construction paper and stickers.
  • Pack snacks!
  • Give kids a camera to take pictures on vacation. We recently bought Isabella a cheaper version of the Go Pro Camera called a Geek Pro. We bought it for her birthday because she LOVES making videos. This camera is so cool and she can film underwater. It was only $64.99 (regular $250.00) on Amazon.
  • Give the kids a travel journal to draw in, and write about their adventures.

Travel Hacks

  • Pack a few dryer sheets so that you can put them in your dirty clothes so that they won’t stink your clean clothes.
  • Avoid shampoo/soap spillage by opening the cap and placing saran wrap over the opening and then closing the lid. Make sure to pack liquids in the front of your suitcase!
  • Charge your smart phone in the tv of the hotel room.
  • Place your smart phone in a coffee mug with your music playing to have more acoustics.

Misc. Tips

  • Take a picture of everyone’s passport in case they get lost or stolen (also take pictures of tickets for the same reason)
  • Pack baby wipes, they will come in handy!
  • Pack antibacterial wipes- these will also come in handy! Especially in a hotel room when you want to disinfect the remote and other items.
  • Adults pack a travel journal to write, glue ticket stubs and other mementos.
  • Pack an extension cord or power strip so that all family members have a place to charge their electronics.

My question for you, what is a traveling tip that you want to share?

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