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What’s Your Go To Kids Craft?

picmonkey_imageThe end of the summer is almost here and our kids are still looking for fun ways to entertain themselves.  In our neighborhood, different moms take turns planning activities (play dates, crafts, field trips, mom’s night out) for each month.  Christa and I volunteered to plan August and host a kid’s craft playdate. 

***I want to give credit to another mom in our neighborhood, Alexis Boaz, for the idea.WP_001078Kid’s Flower Pot

Small Clay Pots

Washable Paint

Paint Brushes

Foam stickers

Potting Soil

Herbs (We used Basil and Mint)IMG_6094Step 1:  Set up a neighborhood Facebook invite. We requested everyone contribute $5.00 for the costs of the materials. IMG_7441Step 2:  Shopping- We found the clay pots, paint, and brushes at Hobby Lobby.  We bought the herbs, soil, and snacks at the grocery store.IMG_7437Step 3:  Set-up- We set up tables in the kitchen.  I found a roll of wrapping paper and covered the tables.  I provided the kids with old t-shirts for those that were worried about getting messy.IMG_7478Step 4: Play date- Kids paint the pots and then take them outside.  They were give either Basil or Mint and then they scooped their own potting soil.IMG_7443Step 5: Clean-up- It was a VERY EAST clean-up! Collect the materials, place in storage bags and then throw the wrapping paper on the table away. IMG_7452 Overall, this was a fun play date.  We had kids ranging from ages 2-14 that had a great time!IMG_7482My question for you, what is your go to kid’s craft?


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