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Yes, there is a God: My Grandpa’s Funeral


Religion and the belief in God is a very personal thing.  It can also be a very controversial topic.  Those that know me know that my Catholic faith is very important to me.  I do not, though, like to push my religion down people’s throats and respect the other religions/ faiths out there.  I believe in God and there are many reasons why.  I won’t go into every reason but I believe there have been many signs presented to me throughout my lifetime, my Grandpa’s funereal is a perfect example.

My mom’s father was married to my grandmother for 25 years.  My mother was an only child and her parents divorced when my mom was thirteen.  It was a very bitter divorce.  According to my Grandma, my Grandpa was a dirty no good womanizer.  According to my mom, he was a good man who liked women and ending up dying from “too much sex.” 

My memories of my Grandpa:  He died when I was in second grade so I don’t remember much.  He was in the Army and fought under Patton in Northern Africa during WWII. He was a paratrooper.  My Grandpa played the guitar and sang really well.  He drove a long blue car and got a speeding ticket with us in the car.  One day he brought us to K-Mart and let us pick out whatever we wanted.  I chose a pair of jellie shoes and a hula hoop.  When he died, my mom got three things from her dad, his Bible, his boots, and his Les Paul guitar. 

 When my Grandpa died, my mom was devastated.  He was raised Southern Baptist but my mom followed after her mother and is Catholic.  My mother was so distraught and she worried about her dad.  My mom asked God to please send her a sign that he was in Heaven so that she could be at peace with his death.  She took a Bible and opened it up.  She had no idea what to read or where to go in the Bible (sometimes Catholics are not as good with memorizing Bible Verses as our fellow Protties.. I admit that I need to do better about reading the Bible more on my own).  Anyway, my mom opened the Bible to a random page and read a scripture to herself.

The next day was my Grandpa’s funeral. It was amazing.  It was a military funeral which in itself was a beautiful ceremony.  I remember my mom talking to all of the service men that were there to preform the military aspect of the funeral.  There was a preacher there who spoke at the service.  He was a random preacher that the funeral home had contacted.  He proceeded to tell everyone that he had the service all planned out (scriptures planned out) but he felt that God told him he needed to change it.  He said he had no idea why but he felt God placed on his heart another scripture……..

Yep.. You guessed it.  It was the scripture that my mom randomly read to herself the day before.  Some people may say that it is a coincidence. In my heart, that was God answering my mom’s prayer.  If you are wondering, my Grandpa did not officially die of too much sex.  He ended up in the hospital in his 60’s with heart problems.  He was getting better a few days after entering the hospital and then he just passed away. 



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    Connie Rischman
    August 20, 2015 at 4:22 pm

    Love your posts

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    August 20, 2015 at 7:02 pm

    Made me tear up and laugh out loud!!! God is good and yes he does answer prayers.

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