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Did Expedia Make It Right?

expedia-logoA few months ago we blogged about a vacation to Cancun, Mexico, that four of us booked through Expedia. It was supposed to be a fun, quick, girls vacation. The four of us spent months planning and sorting out coverage for our combined 11 kids. We booked an all inclusive package (air, hotel, food and drinks) from Thursday to Sunday. Expedia used FunJet as their travel agent and AeroMexico as their air carrier. We were told because it was a charter flight we would not be able to check in online beforehand. Here is a link to our original blog.

Our direct flight from Houston to Cancun was supposed to leave at 9:00 A.M. and arrive two hours later. Tracy, one of the members of our group, spent the night before contacting Expedia, FunJet, and AeroMexico trying to confirm our flight. Everyone said we were fine and to show up at the airport ready to leave for Mexico at 9:00 A.M.

We were SOOO EXCITED about our vacation that we had Christa pick us up at 5:00 A.M. We all live in the same neighborhood, so she just picked all of us up. On the way to the airport Tracy kept saying she was worried about our flight because we couldn’t check in. The three of us told her to relax and that everything would be fine.

IMG_8393Except everything was not fine. We were informed by a Funjet employee that there was a flight change (it left at 7 A.M,) and we basically were stuck in Houston until the next day.

What!!!!! We couldn’t forfeit a day’s vacation because nobody told us of the flight change. In fact, we had done everything and more (calling Expedia, Funjet, and AeroMexico) to make sure the plane was leaving at 9 A.M. We looked at each other and decided that we couldn’t go home. We all have small children and were really looking forward to this quick break. We needed to get this sorted and get to Cancun!

Tracy called Expedia to see what they would do to get us to Cancun. The lady on the phone was very rude and told Tracy there was nothing they could do to help us get to Cancun. She said it was our fault and there was nothing she could do to help us. Funjet basically said the same thing.

I decided to call United and see if they had any flights to Cancun. They had a flight that left a few hours after our original flight, but it was going to cost us. Each person would have to pay $650.00 plus the cost of luggage. We all looked at each other and agreed that the best option was to purchase the ticket and then try and get reimbursed. We were not going to let this ruin the vacation we had talked, planned, and fantasized about for months!

11111054_10154454488932837_4006816716761384402_nWe made it on the United flight and made it to our hotel in Cancun about 6 hours later than the original agenda. The sweet girl at Secrets Resort felt so sorry for us and upgraded us all to a suite. We had such a fun vacation!!!

Back to reality. The burning question is whether Expedia made it right……..drumroll-pleaseYes and no…. Tracy’s husband Drew spent countless hours of his life trying to deal with Expedia. Ultimately they finally admitted that yes, they were in the WRONG….they drafted an email to let us know about the flight change, but somehow it never got sent. They admitted the email was in DRAFT the entire time and we never received any notice of the flight change. They even admitted that they dropped the ball when Tracy called the night before trying to confirm the flight. They knew about the flight change months before and when Tracy called, they should have let her know.

They made things right by reimbursing us for the United plane ticket and baggage. We lost several hours of our vacation, but ultimately we were appreciative that Expedia admitted wrongdoing and reimbursed us for the tickets. 

They made things wrong with their customer service.  Tracy’s husband spent the equivalent of two days of work on the phone trying to get our reimbursement. The system set up for customer service is antiquated. They make it pretty impossible to speak to a person.  We were happy to get our United flights reimbursed but felt like Expedia should have done something extra to compensate for them stranding us at the airport and then having an Expedia representative yell at Tracy and tell her it was all her fault.

Ultimately we are happy that we are not out $2800.  However, we would caution others when booking a vacation through Expedia.  

Our question is for Expedia…What are you going to do to make up for two days spent on the phone trying to be reimbursed for YOUR MISTAKE?

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